How to adjust the audio level in Windows 10

In this tutorial you will find the best methods and tools to know how to use the audio level of your computer , either from the task bar or with the different combinations of keys or buttons integrated in your keyboard.

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  1. Methods to raise and lower the volume of a Windows 10 computer
    1. With the buttons
    2. From the task bar
  2. Advantages of keeping control over the audio level on a computer
  3. What are the best applications to adjust the audio level on a PC?
    1. 3RVX
    2. AutoHotKey
  4. What external tools can I use to enhance the audio on a computer?

Methods to raise and lower the volume of a Windows 10 computer

There are different options to control the volume of your computer with the Windows 10 system . The first thing you should know is the system configuration of your computer, since there are different options available to achieve volume control. One of these options is 3RVX , it is a free application that only takes care of the volume, giving you an on-screen display.

The other option is to use the efficient AutoHotKey scripting language, this method shows you how to configure a shortcut key, and thus the volume of your computer is easier to control.

With the buttons

Usually the keyboard of your PC, has certain direct access keys that allow you to raise and lower the volume of your computer. When you press the key combination, a volume bar will be shown at the top left, indicating the intensity of the volume, ranging from 0 to 100 .

If you want to adjust the level at which you can lower and raise the sound of your computer, for example, go from 2 to 2 or 5 to 5, and thus handle it to your liking. You will not be able to do it from the Windows interface, but you will have to install the application (AutoHotKey) on your computer.

From the task bar

Windows 10 allows you to control the volume of your computer from the task bar , located at the bottom right, by clicking on the speaker icon and thus being able to easily raise and lower the volume. You should also know that if you click on the name of the speaker you can control it, even if you have headphones connected.

Another way to modify the volume of your applications individually, is by right-clicking on the speaker icon, you must select the option (Volume mixer), there a window will open in which you can change the volume, so that each application sounds louder or lower than others, so you can customize them to your liking, when having several applications emitting sounds at the same time.

You can also configure the sound of your PC, by right-clicking on the sound icon, and selecting the option of (Open sound settings). You will automatically go to the Windows sound configuration section , where you can manually increase the volume of the entire operating system of your PC, as if you were doing it from the icon on the taskbar.

Advantages of keeping control over the audio level on a computer

It is important to be able to control the volume and audio quality of your computer, since it facilitates communication at the time of work, study or recreation.

Although many times the quality of the sound is in the background, and it is not given the importance it really has to improve the user experience.

To obtain good quality audio and with an adequate volume, we can use external accessories such as quality headphones or use the speaker . These will allow us to communicate and have a good sound when making a video call, entering online classes or talking with our classmates.

What are the best applications to adjust the audio level on a PC?

There are different applications that can help you improve the audio level of your computer, in the event that the sound or audio quality of your PC is not working properly. Among these applications you will find the free ones and others that are paid.


This application allows you to set any direct access key, and thus be able to control the audio of your system, it also allows you to view it on the screen so that you can customize it to your liking.

Once the application is installed, you must start from the Windows start menu and the 3RVX settings will appear there. Then you must click on the hotkeys option, and select the keys of your preference that will be default as hotkeys for adjusting the volume.

After you have selected the shortcut key, you must assign it to an action, by clicking on the Action menu of the shortcut key editor , there you must choose whether the key you wrote is going to mute, increase or decrease the volume. Once all this is done, click on the option (apply).

To make sure if the configuration has been applied, you must close the 3RVX settings , once closed press its direct access key, the volume icon should automatically appear on your screen.


It is a totally free program for Windows , which contains open source tools that allow you to automate any function, through a shortcut on your computer, creating complex key combinations. If you want to configure the volume boost of your Windows 10, you need to download and install an AutoHotKey script .

After having installed AutoHotKey on your PC, you should know how you can create a script, using the Notepad built into Windows 10, which allows you to edit the plain text, since it contains the default txt format, which will have to be modified in order to create the script.

Generally, what is changed is the file extension (TXT) to the AutoHotkey extension (AHK) . To achieve this we must open the notepad, pasting the script we want to create. Then, we must click on the option (Save as) in the files menu, then we select the option (All files), placing the name of our preference.

For example: (probandoscript) after the AHK extension. Remaining like this: probandoscript.ahk , once this is done we save the file.

After having installed and knowing how to create a script in the notepad, we can perform the procedure to increase the volume on the PC. For this we will need to open the notepad, copy and paste the following script:

Fix Windows Volume:

$ Volume_Up ::

SoundGet, volume

Send {Volume_Up}

SoundSet, volume + 1


$ Volume_Down ::

SoundGet, volume

Send {Volume_Down}

SoundSet, volume – 1


Once the procedure has been carried out, this script will take care of configuring the volume to increase or decrease in levels of 1 by 1, and thus be able to customize it to our liking, establishing a different level to increase or decrease the volume .

What external tools can I use to enhance the audio on a computer?

There are several tools that allow you to improve the audio quality of your computer. In this article we will show you some of them.

  • Equalizer APO:This offers us the opportunity to customize the audio signal generated by our computer. But you must take into account that if our PC uses some other method to improve the audio, this program will not work at the same time.
  • Letasoft:This application will allow you to extend the sound signal of our equipment when listening to music or video. It is an excellent tool that can be used if our computer does not have powerful speakers, it helps the sound that comes out to be amplified.
  • Voicemeeter Banana:It is an application that allows us to control and mix the sound, both input and output from our computer. It also gives us the opportunity to equalize and customize the sound of the PC to our liking.
  • PC Equalizer:It is a powerful tool, which works as a parametric equalizer for fixed frequencies. In addition to all this, it offers us a simple and fast audio filtering. It has a multitude of functions to control the audio of the equipment.
  • VLC:This is one of the most compatible audio and video players with various operating systems. With it, we can play practically any audio and video format, without having to install any other additional application. This allows you to lower and raise the volume, by clicking on the volume indicator located in the lower right corner of the window, its maximum volume increase is 200%. It is totally free and you can download it from its official page.
  • AUDIO AMPLIFIER Free:This application does not work with the integral sound of the operating system, but works with its own audio or video adjustment. This allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the multimedia file, and its maximum volume is 1000%.
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