How To Add Controller to Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire Stick is an exceptional device, you buy it to watch streaming content on your TV but then you realize how many things it can do and then “a world opens up”. There is also the possibility of using it to play the many games already on its store or via retroarch. Obviously to be able to play with the remote control turns out to be very inconvenient but fortunately you can easily add Controllers to the Fire TV Stick using the Bluetooth connection . The procedure for connecting a controller to the Fire TV is quick and easy and I will describe it to you in a few lines in this article.

Add Controller to Fire TV Stick

You may have decided to add Controllers to Fire TV Stick to simplify navigation in the Fire TV Stick menus but it is much more likely that you are reading this guide because you want to connect joypads to FireTV to use it for video games, perhaps emulating old consoles via retroarch .

Whatever the reason, know that it is possible to connect a controller to the Fire TV exclusively via the Bluetooth connection; you can find many Bluetooth controllers on Amazon for a few euros but I recommend, if you don’t have a joypad yet, to buy the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro + gamepad ; it is one of the best universal controllers made with excellent materials and with very responsive controls.

This controller costs slightly more than other gamepads but it works flawlessly and I’m sure you’ll thank me after trying it out.

Regardless of the gamepad you will use, the procedure for adding Controller to the Fire TV Stick is always the same and first you will have to pair (the Bluetooth pairing) the Fire TV with the controller. To do this, first put the controller in “pairing mode” (in this regard, consult the instructions to find out which keys you need to press on your controller); then open the settings of the Fire TV Stick and select the item Controllers and Bluetooth devices . From the menu that will be displayed, select the Game Controller item . Now select the item Add a new controller  and then Wireless controller. The Fire Stick will search for the gamepad and once found it will notify you with a message.

If the procedure is successful and you are able to connect gamepad to FireTV you should be able to navigate the Fire TV menus even with the gamedpad so you can perform an immediate check even without having to open a game.

This procedure is required to Add Controller to Fire TV Stick and you will only need to do it once. You can also add more gamepads to the Fire TV and this will allow you to play multiplayer games with more people.

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