How Steam Deck works

If you are a gamer you will surely already know Steam , the platform created in 2003 by  Valve  that allows you to buy digital editions of video games (some of which are exclusive) and which has over 35 million users and you may have already heard of Steam Deck ; the Steam console out at the end of 2021 made directly by Valve. But if you still don’t have a clear idea of ​​what Steam Deck is, then read this article and get ready to be amazed!


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Steam Deck

Let’s immediately begin to clarify a point to better understand what Steam Deck is; it is in fact a portable game console, exactly like the nintendo switch but with unique and typical technical characteristics of a computer; in fact it can also be said that Steam Deck is a real laptop in which you can, for example, install any version of Microsoft Windows or even Linux. A kind of phenomenal performance mini computer that’s made exclusively for gaming and equipped with all the controllers you need.

How the Steam Deck works

The Steam Deck comes with a proprietary operating system called SteamOS but which is in fact a Linux port and fully supports all games on Steam in the Linux version and emulates Steam Windows games through the function called Steam Play . With this feature you will be able to play over 55,000 games on the Steam platform. Basically, wherever you are, with the Steam Deck you can play any game on the Steam platform. As if all this were not enough, Steam Deck will soon be compatible with XCloud and will also allow you to play games for XBox.

With the Steam Deck in practice you always carry your gaming PC with you and through a Cloud service all the games are synchronized; this means you can start playing on a PC and pick up where you left off on the Steam Deck and vice versa.

So you can use all the titles already purchased on Steam also on the Steam Deck without having to spend additional money.

The gaming experience, thanks to the attention paid to the controllers, will be comparable to that of a normal PC and the sticks will not make you feel nostalgic for the mouse.

Steam Deck Technical Features

As hardware Steam Deck offers an AMD Zen 2 processor, 16GB of RAM and storage space up to 512GB (depending on the version); It has a fantastic 7 inch large 60Hz LCD touchscreen display with 1280×800 resolution. Then there is the Bluetooth connection and obviously WiFi.

The battery lasts up to 8 hours (but drops dramatically if you use the Steam Deck console for particularly demanding games).

The game controls consist of two levers, a directional pad, a 4-button keypad, four additional buttons on the back of the unit and two trackpads under each lever; there is a gyroscope and tactile feedback.

Through the docking station you can then connect the Steam Deck to any TV and you can use any mouse and keyboard; in fact the docking station allows you to use the Steam Deck as a real computer.

The Steam Deck is already available for pre-order on the official website and will be released in December 2021; there are 3 different versions, which vary mostly for the storage space of 64, 256 and 512GB; the price for this little gem? It starts from 419 euros.

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