How to add a debit or credit card in the Google Pay service

Google Pay is a platform that has been developed by Google and launched on the market in September 2011, its purpose has always been to serve users to make payments with Android phones, tablets and smartwatch. For some years, it has made several attempts such as Google Wallet and Android Pay, but as of 2018 the company decides to unite these efforts into one just  as Google Pay emerges, to compete with the rest of the market, customers can add well be it a debit or credit card for the service.

This alternative helps you to make different payments through your mobile or online, of course as long as you have configured your cards in your Google account; You can make payments, both in services that it offers, and in other establishments .

What other payments can be made with Google Pay today?

The idea with Google Pay was to make payments through the mobile phone, but as everything has continued to evolve, today, for example, it can be used like WhatsApp to send money to family and friends ; also for coupons, boarding passes for flights, partners or similar, tickets to events, among others.

Most of these mobiles have Contactless technology through an NFC chip, that is, only by bringing it closer to the terminal without inserting it, therefore this allows them to pay almost anywhere where both debit and credit cards are accepted without any problem.

But it must be remembered that after configuring the application, you must activate the NFC on your mobile so that you can use this form of payment through your device; it is very easy to do it in the Android shortcuts.

What are the entities and banks compatible in Spain with Google Pay?

There are many banks and savings banks , as well as different types of entities such as: department stores, prepaid payment companies or online incentive services for employees.

Because the list is extensive, below we will only mention some of them , such as: American Express Spain, BBVA, Openbank, Prepaid Financial Services, Sodexo, Banca March, Cajasur, Carrefour Pass, Ikea Family, PaySafe, PayPal.

How to add a debit or credit card in the Google Pay service?

There are 2 ways to perform this procedure , which is quick and easy; the first would be from the Google Pay application with the Android mobile or tablet and the other is browsing from your computer.

In the first case, this application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free, then you will see on the main page the “payment” icon located at the bottom of the tools, on which you must click, then we make another click on “Payment method” in blue.

Now you must with the camera of the mobile point towards the debit or credit card to scan it, depending on which one you are going to enter, so that the corresponding data can be attached ; if you have problems with said camera then you can add them by hand, this is done for security reasons.

Usually Google Pay verifies that the card and the data entered are correct , therefore the bank or entity will send a message to the telephone number that is attached, with a code; which, you must place in the Google Pay application, and once this requirement has been completed, the payment method is ready.

For the second option, the first thing is to open Google Pay from the web by logging in with your Google account , then we click on “Payment methods”, which is in the sidebar, then click on “Add method payment ”; lastly, the debit or credit card details are entered.

To conclude, Google offers a variety of services and today Google Pay is a widely used and popular platform among customers, especially those with Android devices, although some users are still unaware of how it works; In addition, it is said that it is a safe and reliable app , which gives it greater prestige and confidence when they use it.


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