How to activate PIP or Picture-in-Picture mode for YouTube

YouTube’s PIP mode is a function that opens the video we are watching in a floating window on the screen. YouTube has already incorporated it into its mobile application and surely you have already tried it, and we are going to tell you how to activate the PIP or Picture-in-Picture mode for this platform in different browsers.

This function is very interesting when, for example, we want to read the comments of a video while it is being played and not lose sight of it.

It is possible to activate it in different browsers, and it is that I show you the steps to follow so that you know how to activate this PIP mode in the three main and best known browsers that we use today: Chrome, Firefox and Opera .

PIP in Chrome

In the browser owned by Google we have this function natively , although if for any reason it does not work for you, we will also give you a solution. The way to activate this function is extremely simple:

  • We go to YouTube and put the video that we want to see. Now on the video itself we press the right button of our mouse twice, we press twice since the first press opens the YouTube options and the second one already opens the Chrome options.

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  • Now we click on the ” image in image ” option and we will see that the floating window is automatically activated on the right side of our screen, although we can place it wherever we want.

If you have Google Chrome updated, this function should work natively for you, but if for whatever reason you cannot update, you can always install an extension that will allow you to activate this PIP mode.

  • You must click on the three vertical points that are in the upper right part of Chrome. Now click on ” Settings “.
  • On the left side of the image you have ” Extensions “, where you must click.
  • At the top, where it says (in blue) ” Search extensions “, you must write “Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)” and add this extension to Chrome .

Once this is done, you will be able to enjoy the pop-up window provided by the Picture-in-Picture mode in your Chrome browser.

PIP in Firefox

The PIP mode does not come natively in the Firefox browser, so to activate this mode we will have to install an extension . For this we must do the following:

  • Click on the three vertical stripes at the top right of Firefox and click on the ” Add- ons” option .
  • Once inside we must go to Extensions (on the left side of the screen) and where it says “ Find more extensions ” we write “ Iridium for YouTube ”.
  • Next we must click on ” Add to Firefox ” and then on ” Add “.

You already have the extension installed, so now you can see your YouTube video in a pop-up screen on the right side of your screen when you go to read the comments, for example.

PIP in Opera

The Opera browser has the PIP function natively for some updates, so we will not be forced to have to install any extension. Activating it is very simple, follow these steps:

  • All we have to do to activate this mode is click on the round button with window drawings that will appear at the top of the YouTube video that you are playing.

Opera has done a good job of activating PIP or Picture-in-Picture mode to view YouTube videos in a simple way. In general, the steps are not complicated at all and you can already enjoy it in the main Windows browsers.


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