How To Enable YouTube PiP mode on iPhone

In August 2020 YouTube began testing PiP mode on iOS , switched it on temporarily and, to date, it was not widely expanded for all users, as reported by 9to5mac . Despite the fact that the function still does not arrive as it should, any user can enable it experimentally from today, as long as they pay for YouTube Premium. We tell you how to do it.

Enable YouTube PiP mode

To enable the PiP mode of YouTube on iOS it is necessary to be a Premium subscriber , if we use the free service we will not be able to enjoy this function, reserved for paid accounts. One of the advantages of being premium is the possibility of trying new experimental functions, among them, the long-awaited PiP mode.

It is necessary to activate the function from, as it is still experimental and is not expanded

The first thing we will have to do is access and give it a try, so that the function is activated on our iPhone. Remember that only one experimental function can be tested simultaneously , so if you had any other active, you will have to leave the test to experiment with YouTube Premium in PiP mode.

Image 9to5mac

Once we have activated the option, we just have to go back to start while playing a video ( swipe up gesture on iPhone with gestures or press the central physical button on iPhone with Touch ID). The video will continue to play in a window that we can move, with pause / playback and backward / forward controls. In short:

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