How To activate dark mode on YouTube?

YouTube has become the most used video platform in the world today and for this to continue being the case, it must be integrating new functions. And in this sense we can appreciate some that visually benefit us, so that we can spend more time glued to our screen, so we will learn the correct way to activate the dark mode on YouTube .

The dark mode is a feature that most applications and platforms have adopted for the visual protection of users. Since it has been proven the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to intense light from the screens of our personal computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Therefore, activating this mode will offer us great benefits for our visual health and especially when using platforms such as YouTube. Where we spend hours and hours looking at the wide variety of videos that are shown in this way. But do we really know what the benefits of turning on dark mode are?

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  1. What are the main benefits of using dark mode?
  2. Does the use of dark mode within YouTube affect long term or short term?
  3. Where can I modify the YouTube theme from?
    1. PC or laptop
    2. Mobile device
  4. Is there any other theme besides dark and white?
  5. Is dark mode saved on my YouTube account?
  6. Do I lose dark mode when switching accounts?
  7. Can I use my account on other devices?

What are the main benefits of using dark mode?

When dark mode is activated on any device that we use to view social networks or video playback platforms such as YouTube. We managed to greatly reduce the intensity of the light emitted by the screen, making reading more comfortable and eliminating or at least minimizing eye strain, irritation and fatigue.

Another advantage that can be seen is that all the contrast, brightness and color functions are kept at their lowest values . Which represents a huge energy saving and therefore will allow us to use the mobile for long hours without charging it. In addition, the graphical interface that the applications show when the dark mode is activated is very elegant and aesthetic to look at.

Does the use of dark mode within YouTube affect long term or short term?

The use of dark mode on YouTube can represent a change that you notice from the first moment you activate it. Since you will be able to verify that the visual fatigue and other discomfort derived from the exposure of the intense light of the screen decrease drastically. Especially if you find yourself in a room with little or no lighting.

The same can be perceived by people who wear glasses because they suffer some visual impairment and that is that the dark mode was created to avoid permanent damage to the vision of users. Although there may be detractors who insist on the inefficiency of this mode, there is much scientific evidence to support the benefit of dark mode in the short term.

Where can I modify the YouTube theme from?

Here’s how easy it can be to turn on dark mode when you’re using YouTube. And it will be as simple as deactivating YouTube notifications from your mobile , and remember that this is a function that you can deactivate at any time, so you will use it only when you want, let’s see then how to activate this mode on your PC, laptop or mobile .

PC or laptop

To activate the dark theme from your personal computer is extremely easy to do and it will only be enough for you to follow these instructions. First, enter the YouTube platform and log in with or without your Google email . The next step is to go to the image of your profile, this will be located in the upper right part of your screen.

And you must click there, this action will display a menu of options and you must click on ‘Dark theme’ which will indicate that it is deactivated. Now a window will be displayed with the information about the dark mode and a switch, which you must slide to the right to activate it, in this way the dark mode of YouTube will be activated in your browser.

Mobile device

In the case of wanting to activate YouTube’s dark mode from your mobile, you are going to do the following, enter the platform. Once this is done, go to the upper right corner and click on your profile image. In this way, an options menu will be displayed on the screen and in our case you must click on ‘Settings’.

In this way you will enter the configuration and it will take you to a new window and in it you must select the first option ‘General’. You will be taken to a new window which contains several options and among them the ‘Dark theme’. To activate it, you just have to slide the switch to the right, it will change to a blue color indicating that the function is active.

Is there any other theme besides dark and white?

As we have already shown you, it is now possible through your personal computer or mobile to activate the YouTube Dark Theme, but you can also use two other functions that are the Light Theme or use the theme offered by your device. These are the only tools that YouTube uses for now to minimize the harmful effects of screen glare.

Is dark mode saved on my YouTube account?

It is important that you understand that the changes you make in the configuration of the YouTube platform are made from your account. Therefore when activating the Dark Theme, this change is saved automatically and you can only reverse the process by entering the Settings again and deactivating the function or the mode.

Do I lose dark mode when switching accounts?

Yes, when changing accounts you cannot enjoy dark mode unless you activate this function in the new account. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to follow the steps that we previously explained to you and enter the new account, so that you can activate the YouTube Dark Theme from your PC or smartphone.

Can I use my account on other devices?

When you create a YouTube account , you will have access to it from any device, be it mobile or desktop. And this is one of the advantages that YouTube offers us as the world’s leading video platform. Among other benefits of this platform, you will have the possibility to create a channel in a few minutes and how you could learn it is very easy to activate the dark mode correctly.

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