How to activate guide lines, margins and rulers in Photoshop?

Photoshop is a program that has been around for a long time in the community of designers. This has been maintained thanks to the large number of functions and tools that are added to it each time it is updated. With that in mind it is good that you learn what you can about it, such as: activating guide lines, margins and rulers in Photoshop.

And the best thing to do to get really good using a program that is updated every so often is to practice with its tools one by one (you should also know how to use the toolbar ), in order to know the scope they have and what they are able to do. If you do that, one day you can become the best designer people have ever seen.

Enable guide lines, margins, and rulers in Photoshop

The first thing you have to know to be able to activate the guide lines, margins and rulers in Photoshop, is that there are several ways to perform these processes. So you have to explain each one separately, the first one today will be the rule.

As a first step, you should open the application and create a new document or canvas (the specifications do not matter). Once this is done, you should check if on the left side and at the top of your work area there are bars with numbers, which are the rules.

Many times, these will already appear by default every time you go to do a job (it depends on your version of Photoshop ). But in case they do not come out, you have to do the following:


Go to the section with options above and look for the ” View ” button , press it to bring up a drop-down menu where you must mark the ” Rules ” option . With that, your rules will appear on the sides and they will help you in your future designs (if you want to hide them you just have to repeat the process).

Margins and guidelines

The second and third process that you will see to be able to activate the guide lines, margins and rulers in Photoshop, will obviously be the margins and lines. If you wonder why they are together, it is because they are basically the same. To do either of the two there are several ways, and the first is through the button seen as the rules.

To achieve this, open the ” View ” drop-down again as in the previous process, but this time select the “New Guide” option . This will open a dialog box where you must choose the centimeters you want it to have, and if you want it to be horizontal or vertical.

Then you give ” Ok ” and voila you will have your lines (they are blue). When you want to delete them, you just have to move them to the ruler so that they disappear, or go back to the view section and press the option “Delete guides”.

Lines and margins taken from the ruler

Another way to create your margins or lines is by taking them out of the ruler. You just have to stand on top of it and click, this will create a line which you can place anywhere in the document.


This will be the same as the previous one, but it has the peculiarity that if you press the capital key while moving it, it will jump to more precise locations, such as: 10 mm.

Creating these is very useful, since once you put in several, objects such as image boxes will automatically align to the edges of the lines, creating a perfect and symmetrical order in your work (this is good for those who like create a text that fits a circle for example).

And ready with the above you read, you already know everything you need to complete the process of activating the guide lines, margins and rulers in Photoshop.  You just have to think of a design or choose one already created and go to your work area to start adding the lines that will help you modify it.

Remember that Photoshop hides many other useful tools and functions that you can use to improve, and that you should not miss (that is, you must study them), some of these are the fact of being able to create curved lines or waves , or also being able to make and animate logos, text, buttons with movement and much more.


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