How to sync audio and video in one go in Premiere Pro?

Premier pro is one of the best video editing programs out there, and this is mostly due to the large number of functions that it allows its users to use (such as letting them eliminate and clean ambient noise ). With this in mind, it is time for you to know a little more about this application, so you will learn how to synchronize audio and video in one go in Premiere Pro.

And, even if you are a professional or a novice in video editing, this program will seem one of the most complete you can find (if you compare it with others of course), especially because of the great interface it has, which with a little training you can get to drive in a short time (before starting remember that you can get Premier Pro free of its official website ).

Synchronize audio and video in one go in Premiere Pro

To be able to synchronize audio and video at once in Premiere Pro, you must first take into account only one thing, and that is the fact that there are several ways to carry out this process, so you will have to work a little (it is not so difficult).

The first way to combine video and audio clips is through the project panel. To achieve this you must first choose the video clip you want to combine (there can only be one video clip in the combination).

Then press the CTRL key (control) and click on the audio clips you want to merge, then choose the option ” Clip ” and then “Combine clip” , with this a dialog box will appear where you must choose the synchronization point.


These points can be: based on the entry point (locates the timing based on the entry point, such as the slap of the board), based on the exit point (the same as above but with the point of departure).

Based on the matching timecode (this will locate the timing based on the common time of the clips) and lastly based on the clip markers (based the timing on a numbered clip marker, but for that they must all be numbered at least once).

When choosing one, click on ” OK ” and you will see that now the combined clips appear in the project panel with the name of the combined video or audio.

Merge in the timeline panel

With the above you already know how to synchronize audio and video at once in Premiere Pro using the project panel, now you have to see how it is done in the time panel.

For this you must first select the clips you want to combine, and then drag them to the project panel, then choose the option ” Clip ” and “Combine clips”  as in the previous example.

With this the dialog panel will appear, click on ” OK ” and now the clips will be in the project panel. In this case, it will not let you choose the synchronization point, because it will already be synchronized with the start automatically.


If you want any of the other point options, you should sync the clips on the timeline before combining them. For that you must click on ” Clips ” and then ” Synchronize “, this will bring up a dialog box where you must choose: based on the start, end, coincident time and clip markers.

And voila, with that last thing, you already know everything you need to be able to synchronize audio and video at once in Premiere Pro. Go straight to your program and start editing those videos that you wanted to do so much.

But, do not stop looking for information about Premier, since the more you learn the easier it will be to use this great application , because with a little practice you will be able to render faster and with less weight ,  make an advanced audio mix , edit and export 4k videos , among many other things that will make your projects the best on the internet.


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