How to activate Enhanced File Search in Windows 10

As it is possible to do advanced searches with the Google browser on the internet, with Windows 10 you will also see an excellent search tool to find any file . This new option can be controlled from the system configuration. If you want to know how to activate the improved file search in Windows 10 easily? , pay attention to this interesting article.

How to activate Enhanced File Search in Windows 10 easily?

The Windows 10 search bar contains options similar to their previous versions. However, a new feature has been added that consists of improved or advanced indexing that allows you to search all the files that are saved on the hard disk. In this regard, users can enable or disable the search mode for indexing in Windows and add exceptions if they deem it necessary.

Here is some relevant information about improved file search in Windows 10 and an easy method to activate this tool.

What is Enhanced File Search in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a new feature related to searching for files . The “Enhanced File Search” engine is available for users to index folders on the hard drives they have on their computers for quick access.

Traditionally, the operating system is responsible for indexing all files and home directories to reduce unnecessary files in the list. Thus, it reduces the impact of the indexing engine on the computer. This is called a “classic” search engine. Even though there are better alternatives to Windows Explorer , users can take full advantage of this tool that the system offers.

What is Enhanced File Search for in Windows 10?

The improved file search in Windows 10 serves to index 100% of the folders and files on the hard drive. Windows 10 allows you to perform a configuration in order to change the indexing status of the system search.

How does improved file search work in Windows 10?

The improved file search in Windows 10 works by browsing all files and directories on your computer. This process can take up to fifteen minutes when it is done for the first time. Once the process is finished, you will be able to locate any file of your choice in a few seconds.

The file search can be controlled from the “Windows Settings” . There, you will see a section called “Searching in Windows” to modify the operation of the tool. Also, you will find the parameter “Find my files” and two options “Classic” and “Enhanced”.

Classic file search

Classic or traditional search works by indexing only personal documents, that is, local files found on the desktop and in libraries (documents, pictures, music, and downloads).

Improved file search

The enhanced file search performs a full indexing to search all files on the computer without any discrimination, including folders that are stored on the hard disk.

Turn on improved file search in Windows 10

To activate the improved file search in Windows 10 you must go to the system search box and open the “indexing options”. In “Windows 10 settings and” browser options “, locate” Find my files “and choose the ” Enhanced “ option In this way, Windows 10 will search for all the files that are stored on the hard drives.

Important information

Enabling Enhanced File Search in Windows 10 can increase resource consumption. Also, this tool can reduce battery life if you are using a laptop. Therefore, if you notice a decrease in the performance of your computer, you can choose to disable the indexing of encrypted files in Windows 10.

Also, if you have a computer with obsolete components, it is advisable to use the “classic” search instead of the “improved” in order not to affect the performance of the operating system.


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