How to activate the bookmarks bar in iPad Safari?

Safari is one of the best browsers in the world, and not only for being a product of the apple company but also for its great interface and its internal functions. That last one is today’s appointment, learn to activate the favorite bookmarks bar in iPad Safari.

Usually the simple things in life tend to be a problem when they are missing, and this is the case with bookmarks . Because even the most attentive people can suffer from a sudden attack of amnesia, making them forget something as simple as the name of a page they love.

What is safari?

First of all, check the version of the Safari browser , so that it does not interrupt your learning in this tutorial.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge to activate the favorite bookmarks bar in iPad Safari, you should first know what it is about.

As a quick summary, it is basically a closed source browser developed by the company Apple inc, which is available for MacOS , iPadOS and iOS.

This is a browser with many modern functions, developed with an intuitive interface, which adapts to the user, personalizing the experience of browsing online.

In the case of iPhones and iPads, Apple has made an enormous investment and effort to add functions that make each user feel a unique experience. For this same effort there are things that can only be done on safari from an iPad or iPhone, such as:

In the case of iPhone, you can use the ” + ” button to add new tabs, but it will also let you see the ones you closed recently.


It also supports the search engine called DuckDuckGo on both devices. It gives you options to scan credit cards when filling in the information required to make an online purchase.

And finally, it allows you to share information such as cookies (this happens when you already had preference information saved on a certain page and the application in question uses the same page).

Getting to activate the bookmarks bar in iPad Safari easy and fast!

Now that the necessary information is stored in your memory, it is time to move on to the important thing, as you have already read, you can acquire the necessary knowledge to activate the favorite bookmarks bar in iPad Safari quickly.

This bar is like a direct access to your favorite content online, it can be customized within the browser itself so that it is always there with you.

How does it work? Well, the bookmarks that you have added to your favorites will be saved in iCloud, which allows you to have them on any of your Apple devices.

To activate this bar you must first go to “ Settings ”, look for the “Safari” section and enter there, then activate the option “Show favorites bar”.

And with this I am ready, the bar will be shown in your Safari browser, but there is much more, since you can modify the list by entering the “Favorite bookmarks column” section.

Also, you can change the bar to any part of the screen (it will appear by default below the search bar), in addition the favorites will be organized by the order of age that you have saved them.


You can in the same way change the name of the bookmarks to the ones you want (but this only from MacOS) as simple as putting a password to a file folder in MacOS and the number of bookmarks that appears depends on the name you have whether it is longer or shorter.

In conclusion…

And well, to finish, it must be said that it is one of the best web browsers 2020 , since it has a powerful and customizable interface that makes your search experience much more comfortable. The only downside is that it is only available for the devices of the bitten apple, limiting it a bit.

But if you are one of the lucky Apple users you can rejoice, since you finally know how to activate the favorite bookmarks bar in the iPad Safari, a function that will never hurt.


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