How To activate data roaming on your WhatsApp?

When we buy a telephone line for our mobile from a company, it has an operating area within the country where it is established . But if you leave the country, the plan you have contracted will surely not cover your use of the Internet if you are connected from a network other than that of the company in question.However, that does not mean that you cannot use your phone and your WhatsApp, since if you activate data roaming you can connect from another network .

How do you activate data roaming on WhatsApp?

Just as the application offers you to change some aesthetic aspects to personalize it according to your taste, you can also adjust some functions so that you can make use of them according to your needs.

The usual thing is that in your country you do not have the use of active data roaming , but when you leave the country you need to do so in order to continue enjoying the application. Even if you want to use Wifi to avoid generating expenses , you may have to activate this function in order to receive the verification code.

With Android

If we have an Android phone we must enter our account and locate the three points that are on the screen. Among the options click on settings. This will open a new window that will allow you to configure various functions, but in this case we will focus on data and storages. In this new window we will find the data roaming section, which we can activate.

From iPhone

When we are users of an iPhone, the steps to activate data roaming do not vary. Basically, you have to do the same in your application. You should make sure to look for the system settings menu to look in the pop-up tab for data and storage. Once there you just have to activate the function in question.

With a Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a system created by Microsoft for mobile devices, which has the purpose of creating a connection between PCs, phones and other devices. If you have your WhatsApp application in this system, you can also activate data roaming with the steps that we mentioned above, so as you can see, the procedure does not change.

How can you disable data roaming on your WhatsApp?

You may be wondering, when should I disable roaming? The answer is simple, when you return to your country and your company gives you the package that you usually pay for, so you do not need this function. On the other hand, if you are going to use the Wi-Fi network abroad to enjoy your application, but you activated the function to receive your confirmation code, then once the code is received, it is no longer necessary to have data roaming.

If you have an Android mobile

If you have an Android you have to go to the settings and in the Connections and networks tab look for the More option. A new window will open where you can find Mobile networks. Here you can make the settings you want, but in this case we want to slide the data roaming switch to deactivate it.

From your iPhone device

When you are going to perform this action on the Android system it may vary a bit from one phone to another, but with an iPhone device you will always have the same procedure. First, you need to find the application settings and locate the mobile data. There you will see the data roaming section and you have the option to deactivate.

Is it advisable to use this roaming in your WhatsApp account?

Something that you should bear in mind is that activating this function will generate additional costs to your contracted package, so it is better to consult with your company so that you are prepared. If you want to minimize data costs you can disable automatic downloads , and if you can use a Wi-Fi network it is much better.

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