How to save data consumption on WhatsApp?

Today’s mobiles use data to be able to stay connected to the internet in case they do not have an available Wi-Fi network in their connectivity range. In order to have data on your phone, you need to hire a data plan with the phone of your choice, which will allow you to have an internet service in exchange for a monthly fee to pay.

The monthly payment to be paid in the internet plans of the telephone companies will depend on the amount of data you hire, although these usually usually have a price of at least € 5 at least , if you want to save a little money from your monthly payment, the best What you can do is save the data consumption of your device.

Virtually all the applications available in the mobile app store consume mobile data, and WhatsApp does not escape this reality. Being one of the most used applications on a daily basis in the world, the general consumption of data that it has is huge , but, this time we will show you a few tricks that you can use to save data consumption on your WhatsApp .

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  1. What do I do to reduce the general data consumption of all my mobile phones?
    1. Activate data saving
    2. Close background apps
    3. Downloads only on Wifi
    4. Turn off automatic updates
  2. How can we reduce data consumption when using WhatsApp?
    1. Turn off automatic download
    2. Disable backup
    3. Activate reduced data
    4. Mute states
    5. Reduce the quality of calls
  3. How do I save data with the other applications on my phone?
    1. Facebook Free Mode
    2. Reduction on Twitter
    3. Save data on Instagram

What do I do to reduce the general data consumption of all my mobile phones?

To save enough data on your mobile, it is necessary to establish a lower consumption plan not only in WhatsApp, but also in other applications or functions of your device, and we will just tell you the best tricks you can do to save a few data .

Activate data saving

Today practically any smart device, whether Android or Apple, has a function that allows you to save data consumption on your mobile . In each device the way to activate this mode varies, but so that our lives do not go away explaining how to activate the data saving of each phone that is on the market, we tell you that the fastest way to enter this function is to go to the settings of your mobile and place in the search engine “Data”. After doing that, the option will surely appear in which you can configure your mobile in the way you think is correct to save data.

Close background apps

Many applications on your device consume mobile data in the background to perform functions such as sending you notifications, however, if you close these apps that run in the background, or at least restrict the use of their data, you can surely save a few data per month. .

Downloads only on Wifi

App downloads are one of the things that consume the most data in one go, since in a few minutes a minimum of 40 MB of data could be loaded . To avoid this type of situation, go to the settings of your mobile app store and activate the download option only in Wi-Fi.

Turn off automatic updates

This option goes hand in hand with the previous one, because also in your application store you must deactivate the automatic update of apps. That way, you yourself can choose when to update the apps you have installed , and we already anticipate that the best thing you can do is update them only when you have Wifi. In addition, this method also works as a trick to save your device storage.

How can we reduce data consumption when using WhatsApp?

Taking into account that WhatsApp is one of the apps that consume the most data, it would be nice if you applied a few very simple tricks to save data on this platform.

Turn off automatic download

Entering the storage settings of your WhatsApp you can activate the function of downloading the files that are sent to you only when you choose . That is, if you activate this function, the files will not be downloaded automatically , as they will only be downloaded by your mobile when you manually decide to download them.

Disable backup

WhatsApp backup is one of the functions that consume the most data on your mobile, since basically the device makes a total backup of everything you have in your account; both photos, videos, voice notes, audios and conversations. That makes the backup files incredibly heavy , so if that copy is made at a time when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi, your data will disappear in a second.

To prevent all this, you can schedule the backup to be done only at times when you know you will have internet, or on the other hand, you can also disable the automatic backup and you choose manually when to do it (do it when have Wifi).

Activate reduced data

A very useful function that WhatsApp has in the “Storage and Data” section in the app settings is data reduction . This tool basically consists in that the files sent to you will be downloaded in a less heavy version that will allow you to save data, but be careful, this change is made at the cost of losing a bit of quality in the files.

Mute states

If you mute the status of your contacts, they will not load in the background, so it will help you save data. If you want to see those states, then go to the section on silenced stories and load them at a time where you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Reduce the quality of calls

WhatsApp calls by themselves do not consume so much data, as they are made to have low consumption. However, if you want to save even more data, you can reduce the quality of calls in the application settings.

How do I save data with the other applications on my phone?

You can also use some options from other apps to save some data and complement it with the tricks that we already told you about WhatsApp.

Facebook Free Mode

This mode from the social media giant is available only to some phone companies that offer it to their users as a plus to their postpaid and prepaid plans. Basically, the free mode allows you to browse, react, upload photos, comment and post on Facebook without consuming data , so you will save a lot of data on Facebook . You should know that this mode is not available for all operators, so you will have to check if yours offers this benefit.

Reduction on Twitter

Twitter also offers a data saving mode. To access it, you must enter the app settings from your mobile and go to the “Data usage” section. There you can activate the “Data saving” option , which will work for you to reduce the application’s internet consumption.

Save data on Instagram

On Instagram there is also a data mode that allows you to save a bit of internet consumption. To activate it you must go to the “Data usage” section in the application settings and activate the “Use less data” option (for iPhone) and “Data saving” (for Android).

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