Dead by Daylight guide: tips, tricks and secrets

Pick sides and learn how to make the most of all the killers and survivors of Dead by Daylight in our tips and tricks guide. Terror lurks around every corner!

Daniel González ·15:03 4/11/2021


Welcome to our complete guide to Dead by Daylight ! The indie horror title from Behavior Interactive has been one of the most successful multiplayer in the genre in recent years, and its team matches of killers against survivors are most exciting, fun and … terrifying!

In this guide of tips and tricks our intention is to give you a cable if you have just arrived at the title for the first time and you are somewhat lost (which is normal and not at all strange if we take into account its enormous amount of content after years of updates). Therefore, if you do not want to take surprises that will make you jump out of your seat, take a deep look at the compendium of murderers and survivors available as well as other sections of great importance .


  1. All the killers
  2. All survivors
  3. Blood points and rising levels
  4. Reward codes
  5. Frequently asked questions
  • Note:this guide is currently under construction and its contents will be expanded soon.


All the killers

If Dead by Daylight stands out for something, it is because of its catalog of available killers . There are currently more than twenty terrifying characters with unique abilities and powers , ready to search for and hunt down victims.

  • The objective of these beings in the game is to sacrifice the poor survivorswho try to flee.
  • For this, fear and strength are their main weapons, in addition to some sacrificial hookswhere the prey must be hung for the Entity.

From nightmares like Freddy Krueger to psychopaths like Ghost Face or Bubba Sawyer, you must know these beasts well if you are going to take on the role of assassin.

All survivors

On one side of the scale we have the murderers, and on the other we have the survivors , a series of characters in Dead by Daylight who will have to use all kinds of strategies.

  • The objective of these characters is to fix some damaged generatorsso that they can open the exit doors and flee with their lives.
  • For this they will have to use objects, accessories and skillsto overcome the horrors and escape in time from the claws of the murderers.
  • Survivors are always a group of fourand must work together to gain the upper hand and survive.

If you are going to be on this side, first make sure you know these characters thoroughly .

Blood points and rising levels

The progression in Dead by Daylight is focused especially on the available characters and their Blood Networks , which allow us to improve them to acquire new skills, objects, accessories, offerings and more. As you can imagine, all of this requires effort on our part. For this, the game invites us to get the so-called blood points . In this regard, we have a couple of sections to talk about in depth:

  • How to get blood points fast :here you will find the best methods to accumulate in large quantities this precious free currency.
  • How to level up and earn XP :we explain how to increase the level of your characters and earn experience points for the account.

Reward Codes

Dead by Daylight is one of those games that usually has rewards codes that players can redeem within the title itself to obtain in exchange, without making any effort, prizes and useful items ; from blood points, cosmetic charms and much more. The company is responsible for releasing new codes frequently , usually every calendar month or for special events. So that you do not miss any of them, do not hesitate to visit this section of our guide.

Frequent questions

There are some frequently asked questions that many Dead by Daylight players will ask themselves when delving into his proposal. Just in case, we want to deal with them in their own section of this guide so that they are not left in the pipeline and all doubts and problems can be resolved .

  • Download for free on mobiles :the official links to install it on Android or iOS.
  • Requirements on mobile and compatible :know the requirements to play on Android and iOS mobiles and compatible
  • Requirements on PC : find outif you meet the requirements to be able to play DbD on computers.
  • Do you have cross-play and cross-save? :we tell you if the game has cross play and cross progression between platforms.
  • How to play with friends :easily discover how to participate in games with your friends and how to add new ones.
  • Status effects and meanings :we show you the complete list of positive and negative effects and their descriptions.

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