How to activate dark mode on my Xiaomi device

Without a doubt, the Android mobile devices of the Xiaomi brand have managed to reach a high level of popularity in a large number of countries, because their devices are the best quality and price alternative in the smartphone industry, also becoming a good competition for the giants Samsung and Apple.

In addition, the Xiaomi brand mobile devices also have their own software or operating system that works in conjunction with the Android operating system, the MIUI firmware.

It offers its devices an excellent modern and elegant design, so much so that most people who do not have a Xiaomi phone want to modify the appearance of the devices so that it resembles that of MIUI .

For this, users decide to download various launchers on their devices capable of changing the style of the device to assimilate the appearance of the operating system of Xiaomi phones.

However, Xiaomi devices not only offer an elegant design, but also thanks to the newest updates to its MIUI system, it has managed to develop a large variety of functions capable of optimizing the performance of the device and also improving the experience of the users when using the Xiaomi device.

One of the most popular functions that has also been used by many people throughout its launch is the dark mode function , which is a function capable of changing all white light backgrounds into dark and black backgrounds.

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  1. What is the dark mode on my Xiaomi cell phone for?
  2. How to activate dark mode on my Xiaomi device
  3. Is it possible to apply the dark mode for all the applications of my mobile?
  4. How to program the dark mode on my Xiaomi MIUI 11 or 12 without Android
  5. What to do if dark mode does not appear?
  6. Choose between dark mode and light mode

What is the dark mode on my Xiaomi cell phone for?

With the dark mode on your phone you will be able to darken certain panels and bars that were previously white and produced a lot of light, and you can also save more battery with the dark mode since by reducing the brightness and the light colors it reduces the battery consumption of the device.

It should be noted that there are also various applications that integrate the option of dark mode such as Instagram or WhatsApp , so you can dye their colors to black or gray.

The dark mode can be quite useful especially when we are in a room with little light, and in order not to damage our eyes, you can choose to use the dark mode and also lower the brightness of the light produced by the screen of the device.

In the latest MIUI updates, it was possible to include the dark mode among the functions of our device so you will be able to activate it on your Xiaomi phone now, in case you don’t know how not to worry since then we will teach you how to activate the dark mode

How to activate dark mode on my Xiaomi device

The first thing you should do is access your MIUI account and update it so that you can access all its functions and settings.

To do this, enter the device settings section and then the MIUI version, pressing on it will show all the data of the current version.

Click on the ‘ check for updates’ button  so that your device can automatically find a more recent version, in case there is one, click on update to start the MIUI system update process.

  1. After you have updated the MIUI system on your Xiaomi device you can start activating the dark mode in it
  2. For this you will have to access the settings of your phone and enter the screen option.
  3. Within it, several options will appear, one of them is to choose between the desired screen mode, among which we can choose the ‘ daytime mode’and the ‘ dark mode’ press on the dark mode option so that it can begin to apply on the device system.
  4. Once you have pressed and finished the process, you will notice that the backgrounds of the settings and other icons are in darker colors.
  5. If you want to activate this function more quickly, you can simply access the device’s function bar by dragging your finger from the top edge to the bottom to open the notification bar.
  6. Inside it you will find an icon that offers to activate the dark mode or deactivate it, to be able to activate it you will only have to press on it and wait a few seconds so that the dark mode can be established on your phone.
  7. And ready! enjoy dark mode on Xiaomi.

Is it possible to apply the dark mode for all the applications of my mobile?

When you activate the dark mode on your Xiaomi phone, most of the applications will switch to dark mode.  Normally you would have to restart it to wait for it to fully activate in all applications.

On other devices, you just wait a little bit and the dark mode will be activated in all applications. You should know that it does not actually activate automatically in all applications, in all Google apps it will activate automatically.

In the applications that this does not happen you will be able to enter the application and activate it directly from there in the application settings.

How to program the dark mode on my Xiaomi MIUI 11 or 12 without Android

In addition to how great it is to be able to activate the dark mode to help our eyes when they suffer more, we can configure this function to activate and deactivate in the time you want.

The most common is to configure it from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. In this way we will not have the dark mode activated all the time, since this can become annoying, seeing the dark phone all the time.

In order to configure this function, you must have fully activated dark mode on your phone. Follow the steps below:

  • Select settings, then select where it says screen, go to dark mode and voila, you must activate it. 
  • When we are in dark mode we can see some other options, we will see the one that says ‘ program’and then you activate it.
  • You must select at what time the dark mode will be activated and at what time it will be deactivated, we recommend setting it to the moments when your eyes can suffer the most, between 6:00 p.m. and to remove it within 8 hours.

You can activate this programming with your Xiaomi, Redmi and even Pocophone phones, following the same steps explained above.

What to do if dark mode does not appear?

Many Xiaomi users have filed complaints that the dark mode settings do not appear on their phones, this can become annoying and more if you have the MIUI 11 version on your Xiaomi.

Most likely, you have an outdated Android version, or you have not fully updated the MIUI version and not all its features have been developed.

We recommend that you be aware of any new MIUI update and carry it out as soon as possible. If you have all the updates and your phone continues to show the fault, the best thing you can do is ask for help from a technician or professional in the area.

Choose between dark mode and light mode

When we acquire a new mobile phone, it will come by default in clear mode, we can be used to using the phone in this way and it is not bad, as long as you try to take care of your eyesight, for example not using the phone when everything else is Dark.

The truth is that many people say that the dark mode is better since they do not hurt, but that is not always the case, when you are in an environment with a lot of light it will also be difficult for you to read, since the screen will be totally dark .

So the best thing we can recommend is that you activate the function of programming the dark mode when night falls and that the light mode is activated the rest of the day.  This way you can use and enjoy your phone in both ways without any worries.


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