How to activate the dark mode in Telegram

Nowadays it is normal to find applications that allow you to change the colors of your themes according to the external light of the mobile , you can even program it to change at a certain time of day. Using dark themes has benefits that many people can easily take advantage of.

In this article we will teach you how to activate the dark mode in Telegram manually or automatically, both on PC and Android. Likewise, we will mention other actions that we can do on this platform to have a more personalized experience.


  • How to activate the dark mode in Telegram manually?
  • How to activate the dark mode in Telegram automatically?
  • Use Telegram the way you like it
  • Advantages of placing dark mode in Telegram

How to activate the dark mode in Telegram manually?

Let’s start by explaining how to set the dark mode manually and knowing all the customizations that we can make. You just have to follow the following steps to activate the dark mode:

  • We will enter the application.
  • We will click on the three horizontal bars that appear in the upper left part.
  • A side menu will be displayed in which we will have to select “Settings”.
  • Next, we will click on “Chats”. There we will find everything that interests us from our conversations.
  • We can change the size of the font, choose the color palette we want for the chat, change the background of the chats and more.
  • We can also select the topic. In this case we will choose the “Dark” oneand we can also choose the type of dark color that we want to place.

We can do this process on both mobile and PC , being practically the same. If you still have doubts, you can read the Telegram frequently asked questions , as well as learn other features of the platform.

How to activate the dark mode in Telegram automatically?

The previous process allows us to customize the chats manually with the dark mode. However, it is also possible to place it without having to go to “Settings” , but rather by automating this process with great detail. You just have to follow the steps below:


  • We will enter the app and click on the three horizontal bars.
  • In the displayed side menu, we will select “Settings”and then “Chats” .
  • We will go down until we get the “Settings” section.
  • In it, we will find a switch to activate the “automatic night mode” being able to see its current status below.
  • By clicking on the option we can enter the configuration of this function. We will find three options: deactivated, programmed and adapted.
  • In the “scheduled”we can choose from what time to what time we want the dark or night mode to be activated. We will also have the option to select the “preferred night theme” between dark and night.
  • Similarly, we can activate the option to “use dusk and dawn”. With this we will have to update our GPS location so that Telegram can auto configure the hours.
  • Finally, in the “adapted”option we will have to set the minimum brightness of the environment to automatically switch to night mode.

Telegram offers many interesting customizations and functionalities that many of its users appreciate. It also has the IFTT to automate actions as with the dark mode.

Use Telegram the way you like it

In addition to offering greater privacy to its users, Telegram has several functions that allow you to fully customize the experience within the platform. One of them is the use of secret chats in which the information is not recorded in any way.

On the other hand, it is also possible to prevent users that you do not have registered as contacts from sending you messages . This goes hand in hand with Telegram’s policy that makes all its users feel comfortable using the platform.

Likewise, the great variety of bots that we can find in Telegram make it more than an instant messaging application, but rather a multipurpose tool .

Advantages of placing dark mode in Telegram

Mainly, the battery will last us longer because dark colors consume less energy. Likewise, it is scientifically proven that the lights of the mobile before sleeping can cause insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. That is why having the dark theme activated will help us so that our brain does not wake up before going to sleep.

A recommendation to avoid the effect of the lights, in addition to using the dark mode, is to avoid using the mobile before sleeping . I hope this information is very useful for you.


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