How to activate dark mode on any website with Chrome

If something characterizes Google Chrome are its experimental functions, which we can activate using the “flags” of Chrome, and thanks to them we have an option that will allow us to activate the dark mode on any website , with this simple trick we can change the theme of all the webs.

The dark mode is a theme that all users like , because it is a way to change the colors of the current theme of the applications and in this case we can also do it on the webs, although they do not have the option available we can activate it.

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Dark mode on all the websites you visit in Chrome

Chrome is testing an option with which we can force the dark mode of all the websites we visit, in this way we can see the websites with a much darker background and thus be able to take care of our eyes a little more and also give the websites a different touch .

Follow these steps to be able to activate dark mode on all Google Chrome websites:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. In the address tab write the following line:

“chrome: // flags”

  1. With this we will open the flags panel , experimental options that we can activate to change some characteristics of our browser.
  2. In the search bar we will write this:

“force dark mode for web content”

  1. Now we will have to change its status to “Enabled” .
  1. Finally we will click on “Relaunch” and when we restart Chrome we will see all the websites in dark mode.

With this simple trick and very few steps we can activate the dark mode and change the appearance of all the websites we visit, because what this does is that all the light backgrounds of the websites change to a much darker color in order to save some energy and also take more care of our eyes in the event that we use our equipment in dark environments or at night.

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