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Did you want to understand which are the best cryptocurrency apps ? Find out what you need to know if you want to invest, track and earn with cryptocurrency apps.

The media impact, be it television, journalistic or web, of cryptocurrencies is impressive. You will surely have noticed how many influencers and economists are investigating this topic, even if it was born a few years ago. In Italy we are slightly slower than the rest of the world, but with the right knowledge we can do great things even in our small way.

If you are reading this article, the topic will have intrigued you and maybe you are looking for suitable tools to facilitate you in the analysis and control of digital coins. Today we are here to take a look at the best cryptocurrency apps , trying to provide you with as many solutions as possible to adapt them to your needs.

Specifically in the following paragraphs, in addition to viewing the best apps for digital coins, we will also focus attention on how to earn free cryptocurrencies and how to monitor them quickly . Ready? Let’s see what companies around the world offer us.


  • Best apps for investing in cryptocurrencies
    • Coinbase (Android, iOS)
    • Binance (Android, iOS)
    • eToro (Android, iOS)
    • Kraken (Android, iOS)
    • Conio (Android, iOS)
    • TrandingView (Android, iOS)
  • How to earn free cryptocurrencies
    • Coinbase
    • Airdrop
  • How to monitor cryptocurrencies
    • Google
    • Coinbase
    • CryptoPro (iOS)
    • Altpocket (Android, iOS)

Best apps for investing in cryptocurrencies

You can imagine how many developers have designed and produced software to invest in cryptocurrencies. The trend is often ridden by everyone and it can become difficult to focus on one application rather than the other. The six apps we have chosen for you are all high-level and used by users for some time; therefore, the choice of one or the other will depend on the features you are looking for; here’s what they are.

Coinbase (Android, iOS)

Coinbase , for Android and iOS , is among the best cryptocurrency apps available in 32 countries and has around 56 million registered users. With this software you can store, sell and buy many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum . If you are not very experienced but want to try your hand at trading, Coinbase is the ideal solution. For more information read our guide on how to buy online with Bitcoin .

Binance (Android, iOS)

You may have already heard of this digital currency exchange for new sponsors on sports t-shirts, testifying to a well-established reality. With Binance , for Android and iOS , you can create your account simply from your smartphone, with which you will better manage your earnings and savings in the same Dashboard. Very interesting is the Binance Saving savings function which can generate you an interest of up to 8% per year.

eToro (Android, iOS)

If you have launched the YouTube application at least once in your life and are between the ages of thirty and thirty-five, this platform will have become your advertising nightmare. In Italy eToro , an app for Android and iOS , is the most used broker and allows a selection of up to 29 cryptocurrencies that you can buy as in a traditional Exchange or CFD. Excellent cybersecurity platform and an incredible number of digital currencies to invest in.

Kraken (Android, iOS)

Since 2011 the Kraken app has been making its way among users for its ease of use. You can sell and buy cryptocurrencies through intuitive and beautiful graphics. It differs from most other applications for the analysis tools of charts on volume, price and metrics of digital coins for free. A solution in which more and more people are investing in order not to have nasty surprises. It is available for Android and iOS .

Conio (Android, iOS)

We want to offer you an all-Italian application born in 2018 from an initiative of Poste Italiane and Banca Finint. The Conio app , for Android and iOS, allows you to create a real account where you can sell and buy Bitcoins quickly and intuitively. Its strong points are certainly: the creation of the account in about a minute, the purchase of Bitcoins with IBAN or with credit-prepaid card systems. The Wallet can be used to make purchases anywhere and you can keep Bitcoins safe with a two-key security system.

TrandingView (Android, iOS)

Last on the list but certainly not the least performing TrandingView is a real information app on cryptocurrencies. You will see data on forex, stocks and digital currencies on the screen with a very precise periodic update. The software, valid for both Android and iOS mobile devices , is characterized by the presence of advanced charts , a simple watchlist and the possibility of inserting personalized alerts. If you are looking for an application that monitors trends and changes in prices and volumes in a timely manner, this program will not disappoint you.

How to earn free cryptocurrencies

When discussing cryptocurrencies, the first thought is to understand how to get them for free. Obviously, excluding the world of mining , it is not so easy to be able to get your digital hands on this type of coins. But let’s see what are the solutions to be adopted to earn free cryptocurrencies .


It is not a copy and paste error, but also for the profit Coinbase can be very useful as an application to invest in cryptocurrencies even for free. For this to happen you need to perform predefined actions that will allow the platform to reward you with digital coins. First of all you must have an account on this platform and then go to the Coinbase Earn page which will donate cryptocurrencies upon completion of specific activities.


Another interesting solution is Airdrop , which allows you, through the distribution of free digital coins between users, to accumulate some at no additional cost. We recommend that you discover the most active Airdrops on the web and accumulate as many cryptocurrency fragments. You have to imagine it as a train that passes by and to be taken on the fly so as not to remain stationary at the station.

The best cryptocurrency airdrops are:

  • Revuto
  • Blockzone
  • Coinlist
  • Maiar
  • SwissBorg
  • Crypto
  • Kripto

How to monitor cryptocurrencies

As already mentioned above, some cryptocurrency applications can monitor the trend of cryptocurrencies in real time or periodically. Although these are certainly useful, it is advisable to focus on platforms that perform this function in a timely manner. Let’s see which ones to take into consideration.


It may seem almost obvious to you, but the Google search engine has also integrated the monitoring of the value of cryptocurrencies into its algorithm. By carrying out a simple search in the main bar of this browser you will be able to view the real-time value of the digital currency you are interested in and its graphical trend in the last period. Surely the fastest solution, but also the least detailed one.


Apparently this term is becoming an obsession, with Coinbase you can do almost anything, even monitor the progress of most cryptocurrencies. As we have already anticipated you can also receive and send coins, accept payments and it is ideal for keeping Bitcoin , Ethereum and Litecoin under control . The charts are more detailed than Google’s, but you will need to study them a little before you understand them fully.

CryptoPro (iOS)

You will hardly hear bad things about this app, available both on the app and directly from the website. In reality CryptoPro is currently only available on iOS and not Android smartphones but we think that soon the company will also satisfy the lovers of the green robot. Its strong point is certainly the portfolio tracker that identifies the tool capable of tracking the securities you have purchased with great precision in real time.

Altpocket (Android, iOS)

We close the article with one of the best cryptocurrency monitoring applications on the Stores, Altopocket . Directly from your Android or iOS smartphone you can check the trend of digital coins and add a social network component that very few apps have. You will have the ability to share your portfolio publicly or privately, allowing your passion for online trading to range across different sectors.

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