How To Achieve Your Personal Goals

We all have goals and we want to achieve them, but many are discouraged in the attempt. Has it happened to you that you start in good spirits and in the end that goal remains unfinished? Do you know why? Because maybe you didn’t consider how long you should wait to see them fulfilled.

In this sense, I want to give you five key strategies, a guide so that you can achieve what you propose and not fail in the attempt. I hope they serve you and are very useful.

Have Your Goals Clear:

Many problems in life start when we are not clear about what we want.

How many of us have not seen someone (be it a family member, a friend or perhaps ourselves) study a university degree and then abandon it because they do not like it or because it does not meet their expectations?

The same is true of those who complete an undergraduate degree hoping to find a job that will lead to financial freedom, but find a job not easily.

You must be clear about what you want, ask yourself: What do I want? Why? How long can I achieve it? What benefits will I get? If today you want to be an engineer and in a few months you want to study another career, it is because you really do not have well defined your objectives.

Set Real and Effective Goals

Once the objectives have been defined and having the answers for the questions that I indicated in the previous paragraph, then establish real and effective goals:

Where are your wishes or actions heading?

When you set your goals correctly, you will be able to carry them out; otherwise you will end up frustrated and stagnant.

Keep in mind that, for the goals to be effective and real, you must know what the limitations would be. That is, you should be able to quantify every detail, keeping in mind a goal that really makes you happy.

Take Your Goals Into Action

Once the objectives and goals to be achieved are clear, jump into daily action.

That is the key: the perseverance of working every day for what we want .

Look at the example of an athlete who will participate in a 42 km marathon, in order to achieve this goal he must train hard, evaluate and demand more every day, until he can exceed his expectations.

What will really lead us to see results are the small daily actions and the small steps we take each day to reach our ultimate goal. You may have defined your objectives and have clear goals; But if you don’t take action, tell me where will you go?

Evaluate Your Progress

The best way to persevere toward our goals is by evaluating and measuring our efficiency and consistency.

Evaluate your actions and your achievements. Reward each of your advances. If it is still missing or if you see some flaws, this is not the time to be discouraged; On the contrary, recognizing your weaknesses will allow you to overcome them and make more effort every day.

Strengthen yourself from every mistake you make on the way to your goal, and always remember those goals that you set for yourself. When you meet your goals, you will be able to enjoy the results because you will remember all the effort you put into achieving it.

Discipline And More Discipline

Discipline makes the habit. Your daily consistency will depend on how disciplined you are.

In the beginning, it takes a bit to be disciplined; but with daily effort you will notice how discipline becomes part of your life. Exercise Discipline as if it were a muscle that you must strengthen daily.

Remember that indiscipline is the main cause of failure for many people. You can set a goal, but if you do not have the discipline to carry out your actions, you will never get the results you want.

Achieving a personal goal will depend only on you, your perseverance and the discipline you have. That is why it is important that you be clear about what you want, because that will be the main motivation so that you can advance in each action you take.

Not everything will be easy. In every project you will find situations that may be difficult for you, but you must understand that they are not impossible. Everything will depend on the vision you have.

I have told you on several occasions: nothing is impossible. Everything will depend on each one of us, the key is very easy: Determination, Discipline and Diligence.


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