The relationship with your children as a key to personal development

The family, as many people have said, is the foundation of society. Beyond this, the family represents the school of values ​​for the formation of individuals who are confident, responsible, with goals and with a desire for personal improvement.

In this sense, being parents carries a great responsibility .

For many, the responsibility that parenting represents will be a drive to be better parents and people every day. That is why a correct relationship with your children can help you develop in different personal areas.

Next, I explain the impact that this relationship has on different areas of your life, and how this enhances your personal development.

The relationship with your children and your emotional development

Parenting helps us develop emotional maturity to face the challenges associated with parenting.

When parents are committed, proactive and have a healthy relationship with their children, social-affective development is promoted and they learn to better manage emotions.

Children learn from their parents’ behaviors, so they must be committed every day to their own development in order to provide their children with the best of examples.

Having a positive relationship with your children also helps you to be committed to managing your own emotions, as your children will follow your same patterns.

For example, it has been proven that those children who are often violent or aggressive have learned these patterns of behavior in their own homes; whereas affectionate children come from homes where love, understanding and harmony abound .

Emotional maturity is a key factor in personal development, and it is developed in relationships with our children.

Knowing how to handle your emotions and react correctly to circumstances will help you lead a more harmonious life, which in turn will allow you to take advantage of the different opportunities that life offers you.

Value each moment with your child, as that relationship will positively influence both of you: it will help both your personal development and your child’s social-affective development.

Also, remember that as a parent you are your child’s role model and you are the person they will always trust to be in their lives, no matter what happens.

This should serve as an impetus to grow as a person, being more responsible for your decisions and creating habits that help you to be the best version of yourself every day.

Take advantage of the smallest moments to support them and remind them of what they mean in your life. Celebrate their successes and also their life, never overlook a birthday, even if you don’t have a great celebration, just a few birthday words or phrases for your daughter or son, with which they smile and feel loved and valued.

The Relationship With Your Children And Your Professional Development

In terms of professional development, relationships with your children will be an impetus that motivates you to achieve goals. For example, if you left a university degree, you will motivate yourself to finish it and improve yourself every day, so that you can offer better financial stability to your family.

Likewise, a good relationship with your children motivates you to set real goals, to undertake and improve yourself every day. Many people have started their path to success after having their first child, since creativity is motivated by the desire to offer a better future to the new member of your family.

When creativity increases, you will be able to create businesses that generate good returns over time, which is another key factor in personal development. This creativity is often also fostered in relationships with children, so having a healthy relationship with them will help you during your development process.

Also, never forget that you are your child’s example. If you are successful and entrepreneurial, your child will want to follow your example.

In fact, there are many cases of family businesses (where children and parents work) that have been very successful, where children continue the businesses that their parents started.

This will also motivate you to be constant in the businesses you undertake, since these could become the best assets that you inherit to your children.


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