How they can use your VPN to attack you

Using a VPN program is something that is increasingly present among users. We have many options available, both for mobile devices and computers. We can also use free and paid applications. Now, what about security? It is undoubtedly a very important factor and that we must keep in mind at all times. The truth is that through a VPN they could spy on us, hence the importance of knowing how to use a good program.

An insecure VPN can attack users

We can say that a VPN is a program that must be safe at all times. At the end of the day, it is a tool that will manage all the information that we send and receive over the Internet. Let’s say we connect to a public Wi-Fi network, its mission is to encrypt the connection and prevent possible intruders from collecting information.

However, a VPN can be insecure and serve precisely to spy on us. Our data on the web is of great value. They can use that information to include us in spam campaigns, send targeted advertising or even sell the data to third parties and profit.

This data could also be used to attack users. Let’s say an attacker looks for a way to carry out a Phishing attack . To make it more personal, to have a greater chance of success, it is essential to collect a large amount of information.

That’s where an insecure VPN can come into play . It can make it easy for attackers to infect computers, sneak malware through the mail, or even carry out custom phishing attacks to trap the victim.

Sending malware through the application

We have already seen that an insecure VPN can affect users  in many ways. One of them is also through the delivery of malware through malicious advertising, false functions of the application or supposed updates that install dangerous software.

Therefore, sending malware is another issue to consider when we choose to install a VPN. We must always make sure that this program is safe, reliable, does not have any type of problem and our data will be safe at all times.

They can also use the VPN to attack us through supposed new functions . It is very common for a program to update over time, launch new features and greater functionality. However, if you use an unreliable program, this could work against you. We could have problems using the application itself or even that those new functions that are supposed to add value are actually used to spy on us or sneak malicious software onto the computer.

Ultimately, a VPN can be used to carry out attacks by hackers . We must at all times choose an application that is reliable, totally secure, that is updated and of course that has everything necessary to not put our privacy at risk. We could be using a program of this type in order to be more protected, but in reality we could be making the task easier for attackers.


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