How to know if the email has been part of Emotet

Emotet has been one of the biggest threats in recent years. It was recently disabled and uninstalled from all devices. Along the way, it has infected many users, used multiple emails, and generated many problems. In the beginning it was created as a banking Trojan to steal passwords and credentials. Now the FBI has shared no less than four million emails used by this malware. How do you know if ours is there?

The FBI teaches millions of emails used by Emotet

The Emotet botnet has collected a large number of emails. They number in the millions. Now the FBI has shared four million emails with Have I Been Pwned. It is part of the work to protect the security of the affected devices.

Now any user can easily find out if their email address has been used by Emotet. You just have to search the database and request that information that has already been shared. Keep in mind that e-mail is a widely used means of communication.

The Emotet botnet had hundreds of servers scattered around the world when it was decommissioned. Months later, on April 25, an update was scheduled to automatically uninstall itself from all infected computers.

But Emotet has used a large number of email addresses to carry out its attacks. That is why now the FBI has wanted to give victims the opportunity to know if their e-mail has been used or not. In total, it has shared 4,324,770.

These addresses correspond to users from many countries. They have been used to carry out different tasks, such as sending malicious emails . Therefore, millions of users have been affected. At another point we already talked about EmoCheck , a tool to check if we were infected by Emotet.

How to know if the email has been part of Emotet

As we have indicated, the FBI has shared several million addresses with Have I Been Pwned . Now, in collaboration with the Dutch police, they allow us to use the online tool to enter the email address and receive a response in case it has been compromised.

We can also do the same with the service dedicated to verifying the domains . One more way to find out if we have been victims of Emotet at some point. It is another service that we can also use in a simple way.

Keep in mind that we previously saw what Have I Been Emotet was , another service that allows you to look up the email address and see if it had been part of the database and use it to send Spam .

In short, Emotet has been permanently uninstalled from the infected devices. Now the FBI has shared with Have I Been Pwned just over four million email addresses and we can verify if our account was part of this botnet.

It is important to always have our equipment protected. We must always have security programs, keep them updated and of course keep common sense in mind. It is the best way to keep the systems in good condition and not have security problems.


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