How the brain ignores information

Our brain is such a structure, which is the most difficult to understand in this world.

The human mind is the most complex structure in this world and this complex mind also lies to us.

Now you will say how the mind can tell lies to us? But this is really so.

The brain tells us lies. If the brain doesn’t lie to us,

So we finally do everything we want to do. Why can’t they do it.

Actually, lying means that the mind ignores some things.

And ignoring it, do not hesitate to accept even that false thing,

Which she does not like. Hearing this, many kinds of questions will be coming in your mind, and after reading this, you will also know the answer to this question.

The brain receives information by looking and listening from the external environment.

And through this information, we are also able to take good decisions.

It is the information taken by the brain, due to which we are able to take the best decision.

After all, when we will not gather any information.

So how will we take any action based on that information.

But our brain does not gather some information,

Rather ignores it. But why the mind does this is a big trick.

And now you will wonder why the brain will ignore the information, so today, let us also tell you about its reason.

See those who sleep after 12 pm

Understand this for example

Actually our brain refuses to collect all that information,

Which we find unpleasant or which we do not want to accept. Whatever it may be,

Once, the mind will refuse to accept. Then you will not follow anything, nor will you wish to remember it.

Now whatever it may be, whether it is a bad memory, your mind does not want to remember.

Which will hurt your mental state. Or someone who is hurting your mind more.

Or any such advice that is disturbing your enjoyment.


Let me give you a good example of this, like suppose you go to a restaurant and you see things like a delicious food or dessert there,

Whose calories are too much. And your mind starts to eat it.

You are very fat and the doctor has advised you not to eat any high calorie items.

You do not have to eat any fat thing.

But you are not able to control your tongue. You have to eat that dessert.

Your brain is ignoring the information that this thing is harmful for you.

And you start eating it when you are forbidden to eat it, for your health.

In simple words, you know that eating that food will harm your health.

But it is still delicious, you eat it. That is, you ignore the information that it is harmful to your health.

Because it is delicious. If we accept this information, then our brain will stop us from doing that work. Which we do not say to accept at all.

Active information avoidance

In the language of science, this kind of behavior is called Active Information Avoidance .

There was also research on this behavior of humans at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

And told how our brain plays games with us.

And we are not able to reach our destination from our habit sometimes.

However it has its own benefits. Similarly, some more research was done on them.

Those who were suffering from a fatal brain disease and were also advised for medical examination.

But most of them did not get the investigation done, according to the researchers,

Most people did not conduct the investigation only because they wanted to live fearlessly.

He wanted to accept that even if he would not get the investigation done.

But at least you will be free from this stress.

That is, they were afraid that any negative result could come out from the investigation.

He did not want to see his optimistic security cycle breaking.

So they did not get the inquiry done. That is, it was a simple matter here that the brain ignored this thing directly,

That those people can also have some disease.

It takes the brain years to create this behavior

Researchers at Carnegie Malone University named it the Optimism Bubble .

Active Information Avoidance is a psychological protection strategy .

Because it takes months and years for the brain to make this behavior of itself.

Repeating the same habit repeatedly for years, the mind learns to reject unpleasant events.

Now for the brain to change its behavior,

That too suddenly, will take a lot of energy and it will also give rise to tension.

So it is very easy for the brain to avoid information. This is the reason why the mind learns to ignore.

According to researchers, if you want to change this behavior of human beings, then first you should make a close relationship with him.

After that you should try to change his nature.

Talking to him according to his mind, he should try to change this habit with great love.

So you saw how our brain resorts to ignoring you for not working.

Which was not to accept the truth but resort to falsehood.


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