You can now play Snake on Google Play Games without an internet connection!

Our smartphone is a box of surprises, and Google takes care of it with each Android update it releases, although, as you know, not all the news comes from the operating system, but many come thanks to the Google updates. Apps.

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Well, in the absence of Android P –which will be released in the second half of the year and that many of us will not even smell–, for now we can be content with the fact that Google has thought about users, once again, and has introduced the mythical Snake on Google Play Games so that we can play offline.

The Snake comes to your mobile from the hand of Google Play Games

When we install a game on our Android mobile, the achievements and the games are saved in our Google Play Games account, so that we can access our progress from any other device, something quite useful, but that can be quite bad for people whose smartphone has low internal memory.

For this reason, Google decided to introduce minigames in the Google Play Games application itself, so that, since the application occupies a fairly valuable space in the internal memory of some terminals, at least their users can enjoy some games light with which to kill time.

And, although Google Play Games already has some great classics such as Pac-Man or Solitaire, now the game that has reached the application of the American company is, neither more nor less, than the mythical Snake. One of the most addictive and complicated games that we have had the pleasure of trying.

To be able to play this great classic, just go to Google Play Games, and swipe between the different games until you find the Snake, or Serpent, in Spanish. So you no longer have an excuse to get bored in public transport or waiting to go to the doctor, to play!


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