How safe is the incognito mode of your browser?

Incognito mode can protect your privacy, but is it really as safe as it sounds?We have all ever felt that we are using the Internet in a way that does not make us feel comfortable. Especially in those moments when embarrassing images or conversations are shared or somewhat uncomfortable searches are carried out .

Although deleting your browsing history can help you protect your privacy while on the web, most browsers offer a special setting to help you “hide” your activity without taking any other action: incognito mode. But how safe is it to use this feature in Chrome or another browser? Join us to find out.

What is incognito mode?

First of all, we want you to know what incognito mode is and what it is for. Well, incognito mode is a special setting that is offered to Google Chrome users, although those who use Firefox and Microsoft Edge also have similar private browsing options with a different name. This mode allows you to browse the Internet privately to, in theory, keep your security safe.

This is because generally when you use Internet browsers, they store specific types of information for optimization and monetary purposes. Sometimes platforms take this a step further by trying to obtain information about your demographics to serve more ads possibly related to your tastes and preferences.

Is Incognito Mode Safer Than Normal Internet Browsing?

Whether incognito mode is a better security option or not will depend on your definition of “security”. Not saving your personal information in forms can help preserve your privacy if someone ever gets their hands on one of your devices. Just imagine the amount of information someone would have at their disposal if you left your laptop or smartphone unlocked in public.

The information stored on these devices could allow people to access your bank account or address simply by being in the right place at the right time. However, it is no secret to anyone that some people are less concerned about criminals getting their information physically by stealing their devices and more concerned about the companies that sell their data.

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By not allowing your device to track your history, you will prevent large corporations from using your data to target you, or the advertisements you see from revealing your private interests to other users. Of course, no way of deleting your Internet history will protect your computer from viruses that damage hardware, and it will not prevent scams from being committed if you voluntarily give up your information, but without realizing it.

Can anyone see searches done in incognito mode?

Incognito mode does not protect your information from being viewed by third parties any more than normal browsing would. It means that your searches will appear during any malicious activity or if the government wants to investigate your history. Using incognito mode is comparable to using an internet browser normally and deleting all your history immediately afterwards. Of course, this simple fact already has some advantages.

On the other hand, if you break the law by downloading torrent movies or accessing illegal materials, incognito mode will not protect you. Normally, no one will see or be monitoring your activity on the Internet, and it takes effort, resources and paperwork for anyone to contact your Internet provider and obtain a record of your online activities.

In conclusion, we can say that incognito mode is an excellent way to help you keep your Internet browsing safe from other users. It helps prevent unwanted information from being stored on your computer and giving you a hard time. While it is not perfect, it is a great help in the fight to maintain your privacy, but still you should not rely too much on this feature.

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