How to search in incognito mode with the Google app

Learn to perform your searches without leaving a trace with the Google mobile application

Next we will show you how to search in incognito mode with the Google app so that you do not leave any traces on the internet. And it is that normally, when searching for something through Google, it is registered in the history of visits and searches , information that can be seen by other people who specifically search for it or, even, when carrying out a new search in the text box of the Google’s own search engine . And it is that until recently, the Google app did not offer this option, although we can finally choose to activate the incognito mode , called by Google as ” Use without any account ” mode . Therefore, we teach youHow to use this incognito mode of the Google app so that your searches are not recorded.

How to search Google in incognito mode

Thus, and with the arrival of the new design of the Google application, a new account manager was added , and with it the new option to use its search engine without any active account , as Google calls incognito mode. This is a very interesting option if you want your searches not to be recorded in the eyes of other people or, for example, if you lend your mobile to someone and you don’t want them to see your search and internet visit log. Follow the steps below to search Google in incognito mode .

First of all, you should know that this option is only available in the Google application , although it will soon reach more of the company’s tools. To access it, you just have to access the Google app and click on the icon of your account , the icon with the image of your profile located in the upper right corner of the screen. This will display the options window of your account, where you will find the option of incognito mode as part of the account selector .

And it is that in the drop-down menu of accounts you will see your current account, any other account added to the device and an option to manage them; but you will also see an extra option called Use without any account , the one that interests us to navigate in incognito mode. Click on it .

When you activate the option Use without any account , the profile image will change to a standard design , the same that appears when you configure the mobile for the first time and you have not yet activated your Google user account; also, the Discover mode does not show any recommendation of your tastes and preferences.

Remember that this incognito mode called Use without any account is only useful for searching without leaving a trace , so the rest of the Google search utilities will remain inactive; thus, both the Assistant and Discover mode will not be available until you log back in. Also, the Recent section will not show your recent visits either.

Of course, the links that you open from incognito mode will open in windows of the same browser without incognito mode activated , so that those visits through external links will be registered in your Google user.


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