How to set Microsoft Edge to always open in incognito mode?

The incognito mode (or private mode, depending on the browser used) in browsers is currently a basic function (there is no browser that does not have this functionality). The Microsoft Edge browser is no exception: and there are many ways to use it to navigate.

How to set MICROSOFT EDGE to always open in incognito mode?

Microsoft Edge is already installed on Windows computers , however, if for some reason it is not already installed on the computer or has been removed, it is possible to download it from the official Microsoft Edge page . With the browser already installed, there are several ways to use incognito mode.

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  1. What are the benefits of using the incognito window in Microsoft Edge?
  2. How can you open the incognito window in Microsoft Edge by default?
    1. from the desktop
    2. configure the browser
    3. Use key combination
  3. What should you do to open an incognito window from your cell phone?


What are the benefits of using the incognito window in Microsoft Edge?

The main advantage of incognito mode is privacy : searches carried out in incognito mode will not be preserved, open sessions will be closed when you exit the browser, and web pages will not collect as much user information, unlike browsing incognito mode. regular way.

For those users who are concerned about their privacy, or those who want to carry out specific searches whose data is not mixed with their profiles, the incognito mode is the solution. This mode can be used outside of Microsoft Edge , such as with iPhone or iPad devices .


How can you open the incognito window in Microsoft Edge by default?

There are several ways to launch incognito mode when browsing with Microsoft Edge: some of them require the browser to be opened first, and others can be done immediately. Of course, incognito mode will work the same way : you just have to choose the method that is most comfortable.

from the desktop

If Microsoft Edge is going to start, in the event that the application is anchored in the start menu , the process will be absurdly simple: you just have to right-click on the browser icon, and among the options you will find the option to open a new window in private mode.

In the event that this is not the case, the browser will have to be started from a regular window and there click on more options (the icon with the 3 points). Among the options that will be seen in the pop-up window will be to open a new Microsoft Edge window in private mode .


configure the browser

To configure the browser so that it starts automatically in private mode, you will have to configure the shortcut pinned to the Windows taskbar. You have to right click on the shortcut and then right click on “Microsoft Edge” again . This will allow access to the properties of the shortcut.

In these properties, we will find a “Shortcut” or “Shortcut” depending on the language of the operating system. In the first line you will see the address to which the shortcut points: you have to write at the end of the whole line “-inprivate” and apply the changes. That way, every time the browser is launched from that shortcut it will go directly to incognito mode.

Use key combination

Shortcuts allow you to access certain application features quickly. If you want to access the private mode of Microsoft Edge using shortcuts, you have to open the browser, and once inside press the key combination CTRL + Shift + N to open a new window in incognito mode (this shortcut works for any web browser) .

What should you do to open an incognito window from your cell phone?

Microsoft Edge is also available for mobile devices . To use the private mode from a mobile device, you just have to follow a few short steps: after opening the application, you have to open the more options menu (the 3-dot icon), and there you will find the option to open a window in private mode. Using mobile devices there will be no customization options like in the desktop version.

Private mode or incognito mode is a very useful tool to protect (as much as it allows) privacy when browsing the Internet . It is available in Microsoft Edge, but as mentioned before: any browser today, such as Google Chrome , supports this mode (regardless of whether you use a mobile version or a desktop version).


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