How much memory to buy an iPhone

Not everyone may have noticed, but something has changed in the iPhone 13 lineup: The base iPhone 13 now has 128GB of storage. It’s nice that the starting price of the devices has remained the same as last year. This is due to the fact that the amount of content is increasing by leaps and bounds, applications are becoming heavier due to the set of functions – it’s time to cut off a 64 GB drive from the current line of devices. A natural question arose: how much memory should you buy an iPhone with? And why is 64GB not enough on the iPhone anymore? How much storage should an iPhone have?

Figured out which amount of memory is better to choose in the iPhone

How to sell an iPhone profitably

Over the past three years, I’ve tried iPhones with varying storage capacities. In the case of the 1st generation iPhone SE, there was not much choice: 32 is better than 16. Then, on the instructions of a friend, an iPhone 7 Plus was purchased with a maximum of 256 GB of memory. Alas, for a year of use, it did not manage to take more than half, after which in 2019 I bought an iPhone XR with 128 GB of storage. It turned out that this volume is the golden mean. We managed to transfer the backup from the old smartphone, clean up something, use all the goodies of the smartphone, but the free space never ran out.

The 128GB iPhone XR is a great choice

A year later, I deliberately rolled back to the 1st generation iPhone SE with 64GB of storage: it turned out that less storage was not so bad. Such an iPhone is inexpensive and well-disciplined to clean up the order in the device more often, to clear the cache in applications. And even with the inevitable resale, it helps a lot – for some reason, buyers prefer the minimum amount of memory. The same iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB on board, I unsuccessfully tried to sell for about a month, reducing the price by almost a third. Only after that did the buyers become more active.

According to personal observations, iPhones with a minimum amount of memory sell faster

If you deliberately purchase an iPhone in order to use it for a year, and then exchange it for a new version, and do not want it to lose much in price, choose 64 GB or 128 GB. Keep the kit intact: buyers usually care about the state of the smartphone, the warranty, the kit ( the same apple stickers ), and not how many gigs it contains.

Объем памяти в iPhone практически не влияет на стоимость устройства при перепродаже

How much memory to choose for iPhone

In my opinion, in order to understand how much memory you need in the iPhone, you first need to assess with a cold head what you are doing on your smartphone, how much space is free now. Go to iPhone settings and take a look at what’s taking up the most memory right now. If you’ve been using an iPhone for a year or so, and you still have about half the storage space, you’re a regular user. There is nothing wrong with that: you watch YouTube, chat in messengers, take pictures, practically do not store podcasts.

iPhone SE 2020 64GB still makes me happy

The smartphone is for you a means of communication, not storage. Chances are, when you buy your next smartphone, you will choose the same amount of storage. Perhaps in the future you will be switching to an iPhone with 128GB of storage from the current 64GB – that’s okay. Such users impress me with their attitude to the device, cleaning up everything unnecessary in time, without cluttering its memory. journalist Ivan Kuznetsov told how to choose the right amount of memory in the iPhone:

I have a 256GB iPhone 12. At first, I thought that I would never fill such a space, but in fact it turned out that it was unnecessary to fill it to the eyeballs. It is much more important to realize that you have enough room to not worry about anything at all. I stopped clearing the cache of Instagram and Telegram, which in total takes more than 10 gigabytes, I stopped worrying that I would not have enough memory for 4K videos or photos, which I take often and a lot. A large amount of built-in storage is, first of all, freedom, it is the ability to use an iPhone like Steve Jobs, who said: it just works.

How to choose an iPhone

It also happens that the iPhone is purchased as a gift. Readers of our Telegram chat are often interested in how to choose the required amount of memory? Everything is very individual here: since you are going to give a smartphone, then be prepared for unforeseen expenses. Buy an iPhone 12 with 64 GB, and a person loves to play, watches TV shows offline, uses a bunch of applications and rarely optimizes the memory of a smartphone. There is nothing to be done – you need to give an iPhone with 128 GB, or even all 256. Although, of course, it is better to find out what kind of drive is in his current smartphone.

How much storage space in iPhone should I choose for a gift?

You might be wrong if you think that the most basic iPhone with 64 GB on board is suitable for mom or girlfriend – cheap and cheerful. Do not jump to conclusions: parents, at times, are far from editing the library or removing unnecessary applications. This is their business, but if you donate, then 256 GB is better. I think filling the memory of even the new 512GB iPhone 13 is too optimistic.

Again, 128GB in an iPhone would be the perfect gift for a loved one.

The situation is similar with the iPhone for a loved one. I don’t want to sound stingy, but giving a girl an iPhone with 256 GB of memory is probably not worth it. This is influenced by my own observations: none of the acquaintances of the opposite sex purchased an iPhone with the maximum storage capacity. What’s the difference, a smartphone is not a lifelong jewel. Most likely, in 2-3 years she will replace him. Why overpay?

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In my experience, most people choose 128GB of storage – this is the best option and will work in most cases. If the iPhone is your communications and entertainment tool, then it is perfect. A friend of mine and I still use a 64GB iPhone . Even in the most non-standard situation, iCloud can come to the rescue, where you can upload excess. Editorial colleagues use the maximum storage capacity in the iPhone so that the work is productive, without having to worry about the lack of space in the device. I think that Apple did the right thing by increasing the minimum memory capacity in the iPhone 13 to 128 GB – it will be beneficial and convenient for absolutely everyone.


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