6 reasons not to buy an iPhone 12

Going to buy an iPhone 12? Do not hurry. The iPhone, which is expected in September, will have so many interesting innovations that it is worth postponing the purchase of the iPhone until the release of their next generation. On the one hand, following this logic, you should never buy anything – especially the fact that every year, at about the same time, it gets even better and more interesting. But apparently, the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s) will really pleasantly surprise us with new features, that is, it will not be a “cosmetic” update at all, as many believe. Some of these interesting innovations have long been used by Apple colleagues, which does not prevent the iPhone from occupying nine positions in the top-selling smartphones in the world.

Take your time with the purchase, even if you really want to

Apple does not consider it necessary to test promising technologies on users. And anything that is worthy of being on the iPhone eventually comes to them. After studying the experience of competitors applying new technologies, bringing to perfection and creative rethinking. Not always, but overwhelmingly, Apple’s performance of these innovations is the best in the world. But the most important reason to postpone the iPhone acquisition until their next generation is out has nothing to do with high tech. We will start with it. But first, let’s decide what we’ll call the 2021 iPhone . Apple, sources say, calls it the iPhone 12s. iPhone SE 2020, its developers, among themselves, called iPhone 9. What will be called the iPhone in 2021, we will find out during their presentation, and I will call itiPhone 12s .


  • 1iPhone 12 will fall in price
  • 2LTPO displays with 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 3IPhone 13 Always On Screen
  • 4Support for Touch ID and Face ID at the same time
  • 5New iPhone 13 camera
  • 6The lack of connectors in the iPhone 13

iPhone 12 will fall in price

iPhone 12 will cost less after the release of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 12s is believed to be announced as usual this September. Last year did not teach anyone anything, but let’s take it for granted. Until September 2021, only six months. Everything that is known about the development of the iPhone 12s and about the preparation of their mass production seems to confirm this. Sales of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max may continue after the presentation of their successors (and they will continue), while they also fall in price.

Например, сейчас, если покупать iPhone 11, можно заметно сэкономить по сравнению с тем, сколько стоил этот телефон в первые месяцы продаж.

LTPO displays with 120 Hz refresh rate

What if they return the design from the iPhone 11?

LTPO (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) is a technology co-developed by Apple with LG, debuted in the 2017 iPad Pro and has been used in Apple Watch Series 4. Differs from currently widely used LTPS technology in greater efficiency (5-15% ) and a number of other advantages. LG has not been able to create larger LTPO displays, but Samsung is doing it well, which is already using them in high-end smartphones.

Apple and Samsung, according to analyst Min Chi Ko, have entered into an agreement to manufacture and supply LTPO OLED displays for an unknown number of iPhones. The refresh rate of the screen in LTPO OLED displays from Samsung is up to 120 Hz . On February 16 this year, Apple received a patent for a technology that allows you to increase the screen refresh rate to 240 Hz , but the displays developed by Samsung for Apple do not support it – so in the iPhone 12s, and maybe only in the iPhone 12s Pro / Pro Max, the maximum the refresh rate of the screen will be increased by only 2 times.

IPhone 13 Always On Screen

Such a screen will always show the time and basic notifications.

Due to the economy of LTPO displays in iPhone 12s models with such displays, the AoD function (Always-on-Display, always-on display) will become possible, with which it will be possible to display some data on the screen of a locked iPhone: for example, time, battery charge, etc. the like. The function is certainly useful, it has been used in Android smartphones for a long time.

But! It increases the power consumption of the smartphone, so it is planned to be used only in the iPhone 12s with LTPO displays.

Support for Touch ID and Face ID at the same time

It’s not for nothing that Apple returned Touch ID to iPad

Since 2017, the number of iPhone models supporting Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) has decreased. In the current lineup, Touch ID is only supported on the 2020 iPhone SE . Other iPhones only support Face ID (visual authentication function). Recently, due to the pandemic, Touch ID has become more and more in demand. In the iPhone 12s, Touch ID support should come to iPhones with full-frontal screens.

Whether the fingerprint sensors will be located under the screen (like in smartphones from Samsung), or on one of the physical buttons (like in the fourth generation iPad Air) is unknown. If the sensors are nevertheless placed under the screen, what technology will be used in this case is also still unknown. There are two of them – ultrasonic, used by Samsung in their smartphones, and optical, developed by Apple. The first one was recognized by Apple as unpromising, but Samsung was able to bring it to mind.

New iPhone 13 camera

It is expected that the entire camera of the new iPhone will be covered with one glass

In the iPhone 12s, and not only in expensive models, the camera system should be radically updated. The radical improvement of the camera system is confirmed by a variety of sources, that it will affect all models of the line, it is known from rumors. And it is expected that even the simplest iPhone 12s (iPhone 13) will have a camera more powerful than the iPhone 12 Pro Max .

The lack of connectors in the iPhone 13

No Lightning, only MagSafe, only hardcore

It has been rumored for a long time that at least one of the iPhone 12s models, and the most expensive (or several), will not have physical connectors. At the beginning of 2020, this was predicted for the iPhone 12, but then the disappearance of ports was postponed to 2021. It seems that this is not all good , but this innovation may happen as early as this year. I’m not sure that this innovation will wait with bated breath. But it will be something interesting, new and unusual.

There are actually several more reasons. Bang. It will not go anywhere, but it may become narrower. They also say that there will be more models supporting the 5G millimeter range, and that the iPhone 12s will be able to work with 5G in countries where this is now impossible (yes, we are talking about Russia as well). But in which ones it is still unknown. Also, the maximum flash memory in the iPhone 12s Pro / Pro Max will grow to 1TB . I think there are enough reasons to wait for now. What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments or in our chat on Telegram.


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