Why I want to buy an iPhone 13

As I write this article, there are just over 12 hours before ‘California Streaming’. Hopefully at ‘California Streaming’ Apple will introduce the next generation iPhone, the 15th generation iPhone. And that these iPhones will be as we envision them. The same iPhone 12, for the same money, but even better. I would be glad if Apple surprised us with something by presenting something that we did not even know about. On one condition – that the iPhone 13 does not turn into a test bed of crazy new ideas because of this. Even breakthrough and fantastic, which will be enthusiastically broadcast by the media around the world. iPhone is not a cheap device for ordinary people who have enough of their own problems and worries. They also don’t need his problems.

iPhone 13 seems very boring, but there is something to love about it

Perhaps you are missing something in the iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13 will definitely not have this “something”. Or do you love innovations, because of which it would be possible to demonstrate a brand new iPhone to acquaintances and everyone you meet, enjoying their surprise and envy? Not so long ago, these desires were one of the motivations for those who updated the iPhone every year. There were many of them, from the outside it seemed that we were all like that. In the middle of the decade, the iPhone-demia boiled over and came to naught. Judging by what Steve demanded from the developers of the next versions, he was sure that this fever would end even earlier. It could not fail to happen, although the iPhone was not conceived as an object of worship.

Why users don’t want to upgrade to iPhone 13

This is a smartphone that anyone can use every day without first studying the instructions in Chinese in Russian. Already the very first iPhone was like this, it was exactly what people wanted – the excitement and fashion for it were inevitable. The iPhone demo is long gone, after the inevitable decline in iPhone sales in the mid-10s, they are growing again, and this year they repeated the record iPhone demo. Because Apple, since the first day of the iPhone, has followed the only correct strategy: the iPhone must remain the iPhone. The iPhone 12 is just like that, despite 5G, MagSafe, and a new design. iPhone 13 too. And the iPhone 14, which some well-known YouTube bloggers have already designed and shown, cannot but be so.

What should be the iPhone 13

Powerful hardware, advanced design – what more could you ask for from an iPhone?

The new generation of iPhone will have to compete with its predecessors, the iPhone 12. It’s not easy – the iPhone 12 turned out to be a very successful generation. Even the iPhone 12 mini didn’t flop at all – it didn’t live up to Apple’s expectations. Something was not taken into account. In 2020, Apple could not do anything but mess up. If you don’t guess why, I’ll write about it at the end of the article. But it’s not too difficult to compete. It is fraught with fraught with distorting someone else’s successful model close to the original. It is normal to repeat the features of your product. Something will change. The new Apple chip, Apple 15 Bionic (all sources write that the number of cores and the structure of the central processor will be the same as that of the Apple 14 Bionic) should be ten percent faster and, most likely, more gluttonous than the Apple A14. Will it be the world’s fastest mobile chip? In order not to jinx it, I will not guess. They say what will happen. The geometric volume of the batteries will increase, they will be able to store more energy. The always-on display with the ProMotion function, that is, with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, is gluttonous.

ProRes is coming to iPhone 13 . What it is

But the LTPO display compensates for these costs.energy. LTPO displays are still significantly more expensive than conventional displays, so ProMotion and Always-On Display should only appear on Pro models. The cameras will be better, the bangs are “shorter”, the battery charge will last for a longer operating time – perhaps this is what you need. If the iPhone 13 will cost the same as the iPhone 12. But chips from TSMC, from October 1 this year, become more expensive, the price increase is inevitable! According to information from unofficial sources, for Apple they will rise in price by only 3% – and the prices will remain the same. We will soon find out whether it is so or not. And one more thing: the same sources know that all iPhone 13s will technically be satellite-ready. Until this mode is activated. This may not even be announced – but the iPhone 13 will have a 5G modem from Qualcomm in a special version, and this was not leaked from Apple. May be, opening the iPhone 13 will confirm this. Although unlikely.

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