How many biomes are there in Minecraft and what are they?

Keeping all types of biomes in mind in Minecraft is essential, as it is a crucial aspect in this game. The biome not only affects the elements that will be found on the terrain , but it can have a significant impact on the game mechanics themselves.

In this sense, the Minecraft ecosystem is perhaps one of the factors that brings the most flavor to exploration and attests to its great complexity. It is not just a matter of one area being different from another, but maintaining its distinctive seal, they function in a comprehensive and coherent way.

Expanding the map in your Minecraft game you can discover and live adventures traveling through the biomes and villages of the world of this video game.

How many Biomes are there in Minecraft and what are they?

What is meant by biomes in Minecraft?

It refers to the ecosystem of a specific area within the game . Emulating the same thing that happens in real life, depending on the geography of a terrain this will vary its content. In this way, the different types of biomes in Minecraft will have substantially different resources and enemies .

Don’t expect to get a zombie in the deep ocean, but fear instead for the drowned as well as the mummies in the desert.

In one or the other, some element will be more frequent. For example, in the jungle there will be many lianas and gigantic trees, while in the Mesa you will find nothing but desert vegetation and lots of clay.

That said, the key concept is that of temperature, this will determine if in a certain ecosystem it rains, snows or neither. In fact, depending on the terrain, these conditions can change according to the height.

Types of biomes in Minecraft

Now, among all the biomes that you can find during your adventures, along with what you can expect from them, these are the main ones:


Mainly temperate climate is one of the most common . Life abounds in the form of trees and animals (and hostile mobs at dusk). Among its variations are usually found hills, flowery, roofed and with trees of specific species.


Without trees and with lots of sand, they can be hilly or rather flat. It does not rain and the presence of animals is scarce. It stands out above all for the presence of pyramids and temples.

Plain or savanna

It is one of the most frequent types of biomes in Minecraft, in this ecosystem open spaces predominate above all and horses are usually more frequent.


Little land and a lot of shallow water is what usually characterizes this biome. Here you can find slime and the famous witch huts.


Lush and overwhelming, in this ecosystem the trees can reach 30 blocks in height offering shelter from the rain. With a total government of lianas, here is the ideal place if you are looking for ocelots or cocoa.

Prairie or tundra

Being another of the most common, it stands out for its colder climate and less vegetation than the forests with flowers, caves and villages. Among its variants you can find sunflower fields and ice spikes.


As a middle point between meadow and forest, what characterizes this biome is precisely its cold climate and the imposing redwoods can be found there.


With stone above and below, it offers many exposed resources . At high altitudes it usually snows and the water freezes. Ideal to get llamas and sheep.


Gigantic stretches of water, you can find temples, shipwrecks and a whole marine life such as corals, dolphins, turtles and many other species.

Mushroom island

Among all the types of biomes in Minecraft, the mushroom island is one of the rarest to get. Here you will find small and giant mushrooms, it is also highly sought after for being the home of the mythical cowseta.


Quite difficult to locate, this biome is characterized by being made of clay and having little or no vegetation, being a fairly aggressive environment.

The Nether

This special environment is considered located in another dimension. There is no water and lava abounds and stronger enemies than usual, being able to find castles and special resources.

The end

More than a biome, it is another of the special dimensions. This dimension is the most difficult and aggressive, and as expected it is where the legendary final boss of the game lives.

If you play from your PC and you don’t have a map in your Minecraft game, don’t worry that you can download the game map for both Windows OS and MacOS. If you play from your phone or PC, you may be interested in downloading MODs to improve your experience in the game.


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