How to make a campfire or bonfire in Minecraft? Very easy!

Making a bonfire in Minecraft is now possible thanks to update 1.14, this update gives more diversity and dynamism to the villages and their inhabitants. Depending on the weather, you can now find a bonfire in some villages for villagers and players to protect themselves from the inclement cold.

If you don’t want to visit a village, but if you want to have your own campfire or bonfire, you should only take these recommendations into account to avoid unnecessary headaches.

How to Make a Campfire and Bonfire in Minecraft Very Easy!

What is a campfire for in Minecraft?

As with the oven, making a fire in Minecraft will provide you with a valuable tool with which to process resources. In this particular case it is a block that offers some interesting advantages.


An oven takes up to 10 seconds to process an element while the charcoal smoker only takes 5 seconds , if you do not have an oven you have the possibility to create it . For its part, the bonfire lasts 30 seconds, but offers the advantage of cooking up to 4 items at the same time .

To do this, simply place the raw food in its corners. As a counterpart to such an advantage, it immediately ejects what has already been cooked and a hopper cannot be attached to it.

To illuminate

On the other hand, it is another excellent block to illuminate rooms that, like the torch, does not go out due to the effect of rain. To turn it off you must use a block of water or by operating a shovel on it.


In addition to the above, its smoke reaches up to 12 blocks in height, which is an excellent signal to locate . If you place a pile of hay underneath when making a bonfire in Minecraft, it will function as a real pyre and the smoke will double in height.


Finally, a nice and comfortable block with which to decorate our camp or the fireplace of our home, its benefits as a decoration are obvious . What is not so obvious is the biggest advantage of all: It does not require fuel to function!

Against mobs

Another somewhat more specific use would be that by placing it under a hive, it allows to extract its resources without the bees becoming hostile. On the other hand, if you consider that going over it takes 1 damage, it could be used for an excellent trap.

Step by step to make a bonfire in Minecraft

Don’t make life more complicated and follow the following steps so that you can create your campfire in Minecraft without any problem and in the fastest and easiest way. Keep reading!

Work table

First of all, you will need a work or crafting table , so you must gather at least 4 units of wood and make one in your inventory.


Three units of logs . Any type of tree can be used for the trunk, including mine beams and shipwreck masts. They can also be with or without bark. The important thing is that you make sure that they have not been transformed into wood. Three units of clubs. And a unit of coal . This can be both normal and vegetable. To find minerals in Minecraft you just have to dig


Once you have everything you just have to place them on your crafting table following the following order . To do this, visualize the grid by numbering it from left to right and top to bottom. Logs in positions 7, 8 and 9. Clubs in positions 2, 4 and 6. Charcoal in position 5.

Ready! You just have to take your bonfire and place it where you want in your world. It’s that simple to make a bonfire in Minecraft . Keep in mind that it comes already lit and you can place it in the home as a fireplace or in the center of your camp.

The limit is your own creativity. As a bonus, if you need a last minute bonfire, look for a fishing villager and they can probably trade one for you.

Having a campfire will be very useful if you play Minecraft survival mode .


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