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Over the years and with the advancement of technology, social networks are at their best. Instagram today is one of the best positioned platforms , due to its various advantages and benefits, both in the personal sphere and in the workplace. Read on and learn a little more about this useful tool.

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  1. Why should I have a personal Instagram account?
  2. What benefit do I have when using the social network Instagram?
  3. What are the necessary requirements to open an Instagram account?
    1. How is it used?
    2. How to publish?
  4. What are the most used functions of Instagram?
    1. Instagram Stories
    2. Instagram Reels
  5. How can I make my professional account?

Why should I have a personal Instagram account?

Creating an account on Instagram can bring more advantages than you might think . There are many social networks that are being used today, but Instagram has undoubtedly positioned itself as one of the most important.

By creating an Instagram account, you will get great visibility if your account is public; this thanks to the hashtags where hundreds of people can reach your profile who share the same interest, or also due to their search magnifying glass. Thanks to the fact that it is a mainly visual network, the communication you can have through it is colorful, attractive and direct.

Another reason why you should have an Instagram account is, because at all times regardless of the time or day, there are people connected and waiting for new content, important news and entertainment.

Finally, Instagram will allow you in case you have a company or are the owner of a brand, promote a product or a service quickly; Obtaining great results as long as you apply the correct strategies.

What benefit do I have when using the social network Instagram?

This platform is mainly characterized by the posting of images and videos, giving visibility to people or products that want to gain notoriety from the general public.

It is a social network that allows to expose the tastes and lifestyle of the people who make use of it, in this way they provide information about the tastes of the consumers of the platform and thus allow the creation of new marketing strategies for the companies and content creators when it comes to wanting to obtain a higher degree of visualization, since users of it will consume the content that is to their liking.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits of Instagram is that you can make use of its platform totally for free! . Which represents a great support for those small companies that do not have the capital to make themselves known.

So with a little creativity and perseverance, hand in hand with this platform, these small companies or content creators will be able to grow their image or brand without having the need to involve third parties or monetary capital.

Putting aside the marketing area and touching the personal point more, Instagram allows you to meet a large number of people with similar tastes to yours, because depending on the profiles you visit, it will present you with suggestions of people who visit accounts similar to yours. . In the same way, it allows you to find specific people through its search engine either by their ID or User name.

Therefore we can say that Instagram can provide or open the door to the possibility of growing your social environment , and in turn be a window to exploit and show the talents of each of its users.

What are the necessary requirements to open an Instagram account?

Like any social network, in order to open an account on Instagram, the platform will ask you to fill in a series of requirements that we will point out below:

  • Full name.
  • Email or mobile number.

How is it used?

Instagram has a large number of tools to make use of its platform. Once you have created your Instagram and logged in, you will see that in your profile you will find the photo that you selected when creating your account; above it will be your username and below it your full name, which you can modify at any time by just clicking on “edit profile”.

In the icon of the little house, you can find the main page where you will see all the publications that are posted or uploaded to the social network by the people you follow; in turn, at the top of this window you will find the “Stories” which are images, videos or photographs shared by the same people you follow, with the difference that these will be published for a period of 24 hours.

Even in the upper bar of the ” Stories “, the platform offers you the possibility that you also upload the images, photographs or videos you want, just by clicking on the circle with a + sign that you will find in the upper left part of the screen; allowing you to be the one to decide which people you want to see your Stories .

Also, you have the option of direct messaging , through which just by clicking on the triangle located in the upper right, you can send direct messages, photos, videos, audios or even GIFs to your contacts.

Another important tool on this platform is Instagram TV, where you can both view and upload videos with a duration greater than 60 seconds, unlike the time stipulated for posts with videos on your profile.

How to publish?

To make posts on Instagram is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • You must click on the + button located in the lower area of ​​the screen.
  • Another window will open where you must select the photo you want to upload.
  • Once the photo is selected, you must edit it with a series of filters, stickers, GIFs or a number of tools that are presented to you if it is to your liking.
  • List the photograph, image or what you want to post, you must include a description with hashtags, which will allow you to reach more people.
  • Finally add a location and you’re done.

What are the most used functions of Instagram?

One of the latest Instagram updates has been some very new and useful tools for the users of this platform, such as Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels.

Instagram Stories

This tool is an easy and fast way for you to share your best moments and experiences, having a wide range of instruments; For example, you can upload GIFs , texts, music, stickers, among others to make your story come to life.

It is important to emphasize that in the stories, comments are not allowed until the moment; but despite this, you can send private messages to the owner of the story .

In the same way, when sharing a story of any kind, the platform will allow you to see those people who have seen your publication, since every friend you have on Instagram and who sees your story will be saved as a viewer.

Another thing that you can choose in your stories is whether or not to publish your post , having the possibility to mark those users that you do not want to see your story or also allow or not the messages.

Instagram Reels

As for Instagram Reels, it is a new way in which you can create and watch short and funny videos on your account and in turn share them with your friends. These videos have a maximum duration of 15 seconds and you can add audio, effects and other creative tools.

If your account is public, you can share these Reels with the entire Instagram community through a space called “EXPLORE”,

How can I make my professional account?

To start you will need to create a personal Instagram account ; If you already have it, follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the menu icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Press “Settings” and then “Account”.
  • Now, click on “Switch to business account”.

One of the recommendations that we give you is that you link your company profile with an associated Facebook page , so that it is easier to use all the available functions that Instagram offers for business.

It is extremely important to enter contact information about your company so that you appear professional and trustworthy to the users who follow you.

Use simple profile photos , if possible with your company logo or the one that defines you, so that it is easy and simple to identify you; especially for the colors.

Choose the name of the account (preferably the name of the company) that is short, simple and easy to remember; although the limit for user names is 30 characters.

Under the profile photo and the name you must write a brief description of your company ; This is where you have the possibility to include relevant hashtags so that it is easier for people to find you and you can use emojis to make it more attractive.

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