How to fix ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error in Google Chorme

If we have been using Google Chrome for a long time, we may have seen the message this page is not available. One of those responsible for this error is ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED . Here we will give you some key methods for you to fix it.

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  1. Why am I getting the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error in Chrome?
  2. What are the most effective solutions for this error in the browser?
    1. Reboot the device
    2. Re-establish the internet connection or mobile data
    3. Configure the VPN or proxy
    4. Check if your antivirus does not interfere with your activity
    5. Completely flush the DNS cache
    6. Modify DNS servers
  3. What do I do when the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error is on my Android phone?

Why am I getting the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error in Chrome?

The error “ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED” is caused by a closing of the web page while browsing it. In other words, the server we are looking to access from our Chrome browser has an execution error and this causes it to close.

It clearly affects, since this in many occasions emphatically prevents us from entering the page at some point. That is why it is important to verify the source of the error, as it may be caused by a page server failure or an internal error in our electronic device or internet connection.

Reasons for the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error to appear on our devices:

  1. Server error on the page we want to access
  2. Error updating our software (Google Chrome)
  3. Conflicts with recent updates to our desktop computers.
  4. Error in our internet connection

What are the most effective solutions for this error in the browser?

Since there is no single reason why this error usually appears on our computer screens. There is also no single solution for the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error. So you can try the necessary ones until they are fixed.

Reboot the device

This should always be our first alternative, since it is the easiest and fastest to execute. We just have to restart the electronic device from which we are working with Google Chrome. Be it our desktop or laptop computer or from our Smartphone, these devices commonly bring the option to restart.

Many problems with the software of these devices are usually solved by restarting their drivers. If we have a Wi-Fi or LAN internet connection, we can restart our router . This procedure is recommended to correct errors when connecting to the internet. For this we just have to turn off the device and wait a period of 30 seconds to 1 minute to turn it on again.

It’s time to check if we can access the web page that showed us the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error. If not, we can use the following methods.

Re-establish the internet connection or mobile data

If the error persists, we can use the tools of our device. In our computer it will be enough to enter the Windows menu and look for the option Settings > Network and Internet. And in the tab “Status” we go to the last part of the box and click on Network reset.

This will help us to make an adjustment in the configuration of our connection to the last time it worked. Which can help us to fix this Chrome error , due to bad access settings.

If you try to enter the page from your mobile phone, a good option is to restart the internet or mobile data. We access the configuration area or general settings. Then we go to data use and from there, we will turn off the mobile data option and after 30 seconds we will turn it on again

Configure the VPN or proxy

If we don’t use a VPN , this may be a good time to start protecting the security and privacy of the information on our devices. But if we are doing it and not being able to access the page, we must verify that the program is configured correctly.

This in order to avoid a problem or conflict with the location or proxy marked from where we connect. It may be good to use a recommended or default configuration , but if it does not work, we can deactivate our VPN with the function to avoid this error.

Check if your antivirus does not interfere with your activity

On some occasions our Antivirus tends to present problems with the pages we enter. Well, despite being extremely important tools, they recognize some pages and programs as potential dangers for our devices. This usually happens with both antivirus and firewalls.

We may want to try disabling both as we enter the desired page, as long as we consider the pros and cons of this action.

Well, we can enter our antivirus and deactivate them for 10 minutes and in the case of a firewall the same. Once this is done, we will go back to the desired page and check if this was the cause of the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error

Completely flush the DNS cache

Another recommended option for its simplicity and efficiency is to empty the DNS cache. All you have to do is press “Windows key + R” for a box to appear and here we will write “CMD”.

A black window will open that corresponds to the Windows commands and here we will paste the command “ipconfig / flushdns”. We will hit the Enter key and wait for the process to complete. Ready, we will have completely emptied our DNS cache.

Modify DNS servers

It is key to modify our DNS servers when these problems exist. Well, although it comes predetermined, we can use the ones offered by Google. Causing an improvement when it comes to surfing the net. But these DNS must be configured correctly to avoid a compatibility error.

We enter the Windows start menu and access “settings> Network and internet> change adapter options.” From there we locate the network card of our equipment and select Properties> Internet Protocol version 4 or IP4. From there we choose the properties again and it will be here that we can modify the DNS of our team.

What do I do when the ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error is on my Android phone?

The ERR-CONNECTION-CLOSED error also usually appears on our Android device . But perhaps for some extra reasons which we will show you below.

  1. Close all the other tabs of our Chrome browser
  2. Stop app and file downloads in the browser
  3. Close the other apps that are running on our Android device
  4. Refresh the page we are trying to open from Chrome

If it does not work we can continue with the following options

  1. Restart Chrome:here we just have to close the browser from the recent applications and sliding aside or select to close all. Then we start the application again and enter the desired page.
  2. Restart our Android device:if our phone has this function, just press the power button for a few seconds. After the shutdown options appear, we mark the restart option. If we do not have it, we only give it the option to turn off and after a few seconds we turn our device back on, access Chrome and try to enter the desired page again.

These problems can still appear, but before taking a more drastic option like removing the application or modifying our software. We must try to open the page from another browser . This will help us to check if the problem really lies in Chrome.

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