How Google will change multitasking in Android 12

Multitasking is a thing that until recently (relatively, of course) did not exist on mobile devices. Few people know about this, but probably 12 years ago, applications were not saved in the RAM of a smartphone and did not allow switching between them in real time. That is, in order to switch to a new program, you had to complete all the cases in the previous one, because otherwise you risked losing all the accumulated progress. A lot has changed since then, but the options for developing multitasking on Android still remain.

Android multitasking will get better this year

With the release of Android 12, the multitasking mode will undergo some changes aimed at improving the work with several applications at the same time. As conceived by Google, he will be able to show two programs in one card at once, if they are running in Split Screen mode.

What’s new in Android 12

On Android 12, Split Screen Mode will not turn off when going to the multitasking menu

The dual app card will look like the screenshot above. This is necessary so that users can launch several pairs of applications at once, and then quickly switch between them. Indeed, it often happens that it is more expedient to use two programs at once, and not one.

Despite the fact that the Split Screen mode, which allows you to launch two applications on the smartphone screen at once, they were incompatible with multitasking. Because of this, if the user wanted to switch to another program, he lost the previously launched pair and was forced to form it again. This took longer and reduced productivity.

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However, to name Google’s desire to allow pairs of applications to work with multitasking is hardly a real revelation. The fact is that Samsung has already implemented such a mechanism in its firmware, which it simply called “Application Pairs”. Thanks to them, users make the most of the large screens of their smartphones, taking up their space with not one, but two programs when they really need it.

Split Screen in multitasking

Multitasking on Android has long required transformations, but it’s hard to say which ones.

However, the compatibility of Split Screen mode with multitasking alone will not be enough. Indeed, in addition to the fact that sometimes users have to run two applications, some of them are most useful only when paired with another. That is, it would be great if pairs could be launched immediately by clicking on special shortcuts on the desktop, without forming them manually. Samsung also has such a thing – it allows you to combine most of the standard and third-party applications.

However, there is one catch here, and it consists in optimizing applications for Split Screen mode. Still, without proper drawing, some programs become completely useless if run in tandem with others. The half-space hides their useful properties and does not allow you to interact with them comfortably. Therefore, the mere desire of Google to captivate users with real multitasking will not be enough.

Как пользоваться «Войти с Apple» на Android

Remember how Apple did it. On iOS, only some applications can be launched in Split Screen mode, because Cupertino understands that thoughtless combination will not bring users any benefit. In this regard, Google should make sure that developers are interested in adapting their programs for pairing mode and make the necessary changes to their interface.

In general, multitasking on Android requires some kind of transformation for a long time. The fact is that the increase in the screens of modern smartphones has long allowed them to run several applications on them at once, but Google and its partners from among the manufacturers have not yet figured out how to do this in a truly convenient way. It’s just that, in my opinion, the current implementation, which involves dividing the screen in two, is a serious trade-off that hinders the popularity of multitasking as such.


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