10 Most useful features of Android 12

When you think of Android 12, what comes to mind first? For a lot of people, this is probably the bold new style that Google is promoting, known as Material You. But Android 12 is much more than a major visual change. Google has improved privacy, added new convenient features and took into account a variety of user requirements, which have accumulated in recent years. Therefore, we decided to collect in one article the most interesting innovations of the 12th version of the “green robot”. Of course, this is not all there is, but at least these are the most noticeable and significant changes.

Android 12 has a lot more to offer than previous updates.


  • 1Phone changes for the seasons
  • 2New Android 12 widgets
  • 3Simplified search
  • 4Mute the microphone quickly
  • 5Turning Internet On and Off in Android 12
  • 6File Transfer in Android 12
  • 7Quick Launch on Android
  • eightConvenient screen rotation
  • nineAndroid Security
  • tenScreenshot of the whole page
  • elevenQuick access to apps on Google Play

Phone changes for the seasons

While this is not the only new feature in Android 12 , there is no doubt that the new theme customization is a significant feature of this massive update. The powerful Android 12 theme engine looks best on a Google Pixel phone, but many Android 12 models should have similar features. First, all you have to do is change your wallpaper.

You can go to the wallpaper and style app by pressing and holding any empty spot on the home screen, then choosing a wallpaper and style. Google software will automatically extract up to four different theme options, depending on the wallpaper you choose, which you can use for Change Wallpaper . If you don’t like one of the automatic selections, you can choose from four colors in the primary colors section of the same app.

New design is just as important as new features.

New Android 12 widgets

It has been a while since Android widgets became popular. But with Apple’s newfound love for the tool on its usually gaudy home screen, Google has seen fit to step up again and show who’s in charge.

Google отложила релиз Android 12. У компании проблемы с обновлением.

In Android 12, some of the system widgets have undergone significant changes or additions. The clock widget with four new styles is the most notable one. And then there is a chat widget that brings together all the conversations in popular messengers , making communication more convenient.

Widgets got a second life.

Simplified search

At the very bottom of the home screen, you can notice a new icon next to the voice search microphone. This camera shutter icon is a quick launch of the Google Lens visual search .

A visual search for something can be better than typing, since you won’t be able to explain to the search engine which flower you saw on your walk, or you won’t retell the QR code in words. Therefore, quick access to Google Lens is very convenient.

Search has changed a bit.

Mute the microphone quickly

This quick switch bar now contains a new set of buttons that make it easy to revoke camera and microphone access for all apps on your phone. These buttons can be used as a temporary way to block the use of the “senses” of the device. And at the same time it will be useful if you often communicate with someone, for example, at work and do not want to switch the microphone and camera every time .


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