How does the website work?

We are in an era where cryptocurrencies are on the rise in popularity, in addition to the emergence of new ones every day, for which users go crazy to invest. This time the platform, for the sale of tokens, is the new protagonist thanks to the fact that many of the football or soccer teams have opted for its sponsorship, due to the regulations on advertising the uniform. is the new rewards and influence platform for Fan Tokens, where you can win, play and exchange the cryptocurrencies it offers you . You will be able to be part of all the decisions that the team is going to make during the season, you just have to be aware of the polls, votes and many other dynamics that your favorite teams will be announcing.

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  1. How does the website work? – User guide
  2. For what platforms is it available and how to download it?
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  3. How do I get tokens on this platform?

How does the website work? – User guide

Using the platform or application is very simple, since it is made for users to enjoy and have fun with it, its operation is simple. Likewise, it allows the fans of the allied teams to be part of the decisions they make in a new way, totally digital and very beneficial for both parties.

You just have to buy or get Chiliz ($ CHZ), and exchange them for the Fan Tokens of your favorite team, you can get great prizes or rewards that the platform offers to users who remain active. In addition, you should also be aware of your favorite teams, since they usually launch official surveys in which you can obtain voting rights in the management of the team by buying Tokens.

The purpose of the project is to promote the transformation of clubs , from one of the most popular sports, to digitization and popularize the use of the Blockchain. In addition, this method will work as the only asset to obtain digital assets from the teams that are part of this project, popular teams that join the project such as PSG, Juventus, Roma, among many others.

For what platforms is it available and how to download it?

If you are interested in being part of the family, you can do so just by using the mobile application, entering your account and exchanging tokens. You can install the application from any mobile device for free:


You can get the mobile application from your Android device completely free of charge. It is possible to  find it in the Play Store and install it whenever you want to start obtaining and earning tokens with your favorite teams


If you have an iPhone device or iOS system, you can also get the application for free from the official iOS store. You can install on your iOS cell phone from the App Store and participate for all the rewards offered by the platform, play and earn tokens.

How do I get tokens on this platform?

After registering in the application and entering, you just have to buy $ CHZ with your MasterCard, Visa or other payment methods , and start exchanging them for Fan Tokens of your favorite team. You can buy or sell them, if you wish, from the official application, either from Android or iOS, at the price established at the time by the supply and demand of the product.

You can also acquire the Tokens of your favorite teams from any other Exchange platform where you can buy, sell or exchange any of the tokens available on them. Some of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms include Binance , Coinbase , BitPanda , among many others.

On the other hand, by being part of the platform you will also be able to obtain incredible offers and participate in endless raffles, contests and votes that the allied teams will be announcing. In addition, by participating and always being active on the platform, you will be able to qualify for unbeatable great prizes that are raffled on it, be part of games, surveys and much more.

On the other hand, the platform has all the security measures so that your tokens are not endangered by hackers, thanks to the incredible advanced mathematical encryption system that uses. This type of system is totally safe and hacker-proof due to its high level of difficulty in manipulating it.

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