Binamon vs Axie Infinity – Similarities and Differences

Cryptocurrency technology has long become part of the global economy. Therefore, it is not surprising that today there are games based on them and that allow you to earn money .

One of them, perhaps the best known, is Axie Infinity . This has earned a place and an undeniable reputation, but recently Binamon has appeared, which in a short time has grown unexpectedly.

Choosing one of the two will depend on many factors, however, to be able to choose it is necessary to know how they are similar and what not . That is what we will do this time.

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  1. What are the main similarities between Axie and Binamon?
    1. Both work with Blockchain
    2. Virtual world of war with monsters
    3. They generate exponential profits
  2. What differences are there between the two video games?
    1. The currency of exchange
    2. Game mode
  3. What is the best option to play and win money?

What are the main similarities between Axie and Binamon?

Binamon and Axie Infinity share many characteristics in their operation that resemble them . In that sense, it is important to know each one to understand them in depth:

Both work with Blockchain

Both Binamon and Axie Infinity are developed on blockchain technology. Which allows them to function as a play-to-earn game.

In fact, this technology is directly responsible for both being able to generate income from crypto assets, since the tokens of each game are created and configured through the blockchain.

Virtual world of war with monsters

The dynamics of both games involve a war with virtual monsters , which represent a specific token. In Axie Infinity there are several types , the same in Binamon. Each monster can be upgraded over time to make its attributes look better in combat.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of exchanging the creatures with other players in order to earn more income. In any case, the idea is that each user can build the team that gives them the best chance of winning, either in Binamon or in Axie Infinity.

Also, it is worth mentioning that in both games the monsters are not large . The design in both is usually somewhat minimalist, so it focuses on having enough features to distinguish one creature from another.

They generate exponential profits

Binamon and Axie Infinity are designed to generate income exponentially, as each player strives to improve their monsters.

Of course, the winnings will always depend on the level of the users and the time they spend playing . Although if they have progressed well they could be generating around 30% per day, a much higher level of income than other options.

What differences are there between the two video games?

Now it’s time to see the differences that exist between Axie Infinity and Binamon. Although they are not so noticeable, they do show that each one has its own dynamics and essences.

The currency of exchange

Axie Infinity and Binamon do not operate with the same exchange currencies, despite the fact that blockchain technology is used in these two video games.

In Axie Infinity two tokens are used, the SLP and the AXS . Both are developed from the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Instead, Binamon operates with NFTs and BMon , which are also tokens, but in this case they work with Binance Smart Chain.

Game mode

The game mode is not exactly the same in the two games either. While it is true that in theory they are based on fighting, there are different options for each one .

For example, in Binamon you can battle and also gamble. For its part, Axie Infinity allows you to sell the SLPs obtained in battles and raise monsters to sell them. Each option is independent of the other, so you can use them without any conditions.

What is the best option to play and win money?

To choose one of these two games, you must first take into account that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile . As a result, the income value of each can go up or down unexpectedly.

Now, at the moment Axie Infinity is positioned as the best option . Not only because it is the oldest, but because it has already proven that it is an easy and stable method to earn money.

In addition to that, Axie Infinity also includes a scholarship system that allows people with few resources to try. That expands the possibilities.

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