How does GoolZoom work?

GoolZoom is an app that arises as a technological need, designed for the population of business-type users, in order to make it easier to locate and obtain the altitude and coordinates of the different places where you must move in your daily activities.

This platform provides a tool that gives you access to the various maps found on Google Maps and also in the cadastre records relating to the different geographic locations of the urban areas of each city, in each country.

This app is used not only by experts but by anyone who needs to locate records or the history of locations, as in Google Maps . Now if you want to know about this app here we will give you all the records from its functionality to how to download and much more.

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  1. GoolZoom What is it?
  2. How does GoolZoom work?
  3. What is GoolZoom and how to register and log in? – Easily
    1. Sign up for free
    2. Sign up for a payment plan
  4. Payment plans offered by GoolZoom
  5. What kind of data can I use GoolZoom with?
    1. Maps
    2. Estate
    3. Data
  6. What is the importance of GoolZoom in the Cadastre area?
  7. On what bases was the development of GoolZoom conceived?

GoolZoom What is it?

As usual, app developers seek every day to facilitate the way of carrying out the activities of their users’ lives, so thinking about their comfort and ease for them to move to different places, they create the app called GoolZoom, platform designed to provide different geographic records accurately and quickly.

With this app you can search for locations such as: cadastre data, pharmacy, maps including historical ones, records of both rents and property sales, property prices per square meter, among other functionalities, which are useful both for the institutional user, professional and business, as the common public. Which brings us to the next point.

How does GoolZoom work?

It offers you the alternative of different maps , where you can choose a country and see all the location and cadastral information of this, by establishing coordinates.

It also gives you the option to search for relevant information about a certain asset or properties, such as: categorization of the land, whether or not it is allowed to build in a certain place. Finally, it offers you information if a certain area is: residential, rural, urban, which properties are being sold and their cost per square meter, among others.

What is GoolZoom and how to register and log in? – Easily

GoolZoom is emerging as a platform that you do not have to download, since you access it directly from your browser either on your pc or on your cell phone by entering the website to register and log in in one of these 2 ways:

Sign up for free

Enter without registering , in tools on the GoolZoom page, but the functions it offers in this way are limited. No maps can be downloaded.

Enter by registering an account for free, in this way you will have more advantages and functionality of this platform. However, you cannot download or export all the maps, but with the screenshot trick you will be able to solve part of these problems, although of course the filters are a bit limited, just like the records that you will get from the cadastre or the properties.

Sign up for a payment plan

Enter by registering a paid account, all the benefits of this platform are expanded 100% and you will have the filters and all the functions created for this platform without limitations .

  • For registration and login:
  1. Goto the official GoolZoom page
  2. Look in the upper area where it says “enter”and click on it, if it is the first time you enter then you must enter “register” follow the instructions on the screen for this purpose.
  3. Once the previous step has been completed, enter with your email and password.
  4. Upon entering you will see your user profile, now you can make all the modificationsof the records you want; It is at this time that you decide if you stay with free registration or if you proceed to register in a plan; if you decide to sign up for a plan; the registration continues as follows.

To register via payment, enter from your profile where it says “Plan”, then press “Hire a plan” choose from the options it offers you and indicate the payment method and that’s it.

Payment plans offered by GoolZoom

  • Advanced plan monthly payment
  • The professional monthly payment
  • And the daily income paid for 24 hours

Finally, it can be said that the Goolzoom app is a very popular platform among both professional and business internet users, who seek to be informed about the various areas they require to move safely, quickly and with updated records related to the geolocation of the different places in the world.

What kind of data can I use GoolZoom with?

As we have previously mentioned, GoolZoom allows us to simultaneously have the maps that Google Maps offers us and also with all the cadastral information including the general address of the cadastre.

To get the most out of this useful tool, we are going to show you the different data that you can use in GoolZoom.


With this option we can visualize Spain, and take a tour of it receiving the cadastral information of the plots that we need. Within this section we have various options available including:

  • Color, transparent and Navarre
  • Orthophotos Pnoa and Sigpac.
  • Zip codes.
  • District, census tracts and streets.
  • Topographic (Relief Historical Maps, IGN Topographic Maps).
  • Environment (Places that are protected, hydrographic and flooded areas).


This option is very useful for real estate agencies and for those who are looking for a flat, you can already find information on apartments that are for sale or rent.

It also has a search engine which allows you to do a specific search by delimiting said search through the following parameters.

  • Sale or rent.
  • Some specific point or search area.
  • Number of bedrooms it has.
  • Square meters of extension.
  • Euros per square meter.


Here we will find information which we need to have certain knowledge, since to obtain all the data provided we must know how to interpret them. The data that can be found are the following:

  • Housing (prices, appraisals, mortgages, sales, if it is new, if it is protected).
  • Land (Prices and sales).
  • Population (Register, growth, projection, income and unemployment).
  • Cadastre (Urban, rustic, holders, uses).
  • Other (example companies).

What is the importance of GoolZoom in the Cadastre area?

GoolZoom offers a cadastral viewer, this gives you cadastral information and makes the search much easier than through the official website. The information offered by the cadastral map is very important for many reasons, both for the administration as well as for the technicians who have to enter it. Many times the other citizens are benefited when they need information either to know the surface that it occupies or to the limit of the property.

The cadastre allows to obtain evaluations as well as property and real estate appraisals, giving legal certainty to the owners, it also serves to prevent any type of fraud in this area. Institutions such as the prosecutor’s office have indicated that the application is of high quality.

On what bases was the development of GoolZoom conceived?

GoolZoom was created in 2007 and is a mix created from Google Maps , which means that using the Google Maps application programming interface (API) a web map application has been formed which includes numerous functionalities.

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