How does DeepL work?

Communication is one of the most vital things in the whole world, not only allowing people to express their feelings, but also helping people understand each other, although one of the downsides of communication could be language.

Due to the great variety of languages ​​that exist throughout the world, many people cannot communicate properly, which is why there are translators, a functional tool that everyone can use to translate small phrases or large texts into another language , not only to English but any other existing one.

The problem of communication between different countries has always been the language, and although these can be learned in private schools or courses, many people do not seem to be completely suitable for all languages, there are those who make English easier (the universal language) and others who do not. But that problem can always be solved with a simple translator .

One of the best translators that can be found on the net and that can be used by a Windows computer or a Mac is called DeepL , which could be said to be even better than Google Translate, in which you can even translate texts online from the mobile.

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  6. What are the languages ​​available for translation?

What is DeepL?

It is a program that works to translate texts online , whether to translate from Spanish to English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish or Russian.

Although this seems to be a very efficient function, it must always be remembered that there may be a small margin of error, and although its results may be quite worthy, these slight errors in translation occur because in many languages ​​some phrases or words can be interpreted in more ways than one, therefore, such a translation may not be entirely perfect.

An example of this arises with Spanish, which from the same word can extract endless variations. Sleeping, asleep or sleeping can be translated into English in the same way Sleeping , which means the same thing, and when making a translation this can vary depending on what you want to express.

How does DeepL work?

Both the version for Windows, Mac and Android work in the same way , the only difference, if anything, would be in the presentation of the program. At first glance, it looks something simple and you could even say that it is banal, but the truth is that appearance is not everything when it comes to functionality.

Using it is extremely easy and because of the way it is presented, an extensive tutorial is not required to understand how it works, you only have to enter a text (a phrase, a song or even a large document), indicate the language it is, and then at the bottom it will be translated into Spanish.

The DeepL program is configured to use functions as simple as “copy”, in the case of Windows Ctrl + C and in the case of Mac ⌘C, this function will be very useful to avoid having to manually enter the text in question, and will be of great help when a fast and efficient translation is needed.

The desired translation will be done automatically as soon as you enter the desired text, so not much will have to be done to obtain the desired translation.

What advantage does DeepL have over Google Translate?

Regarding the number of languages, Google Translate indisputably surpasses DeepL, having within its repertoire the possibility of translating in more than 100 languages. It also allows you to translate entire web pages, just by entering the URL in the translation field, something that is not supported at the moment in DeepL.

Google Translate we could say that it gains in quantity, but it undoubtedly loses in Quality; by saying this, we refer to the fact that this translator tries to put aside the artificial part and tends to translate a text more naturally , all so that there is a greater understanding in the reader.

Other advantages between one and the other is that DeepL, unlike Google Translate, allows the translated text to be shared through email ; at the same time allowing the user to enjoy a free glossary, where they can add the words they consider and this will effectively translate it according to their needs.

The algorithm implemented in DeepL, based on a private database , makes it more accurate when translating your text.

DeepL also has an application for Windows , and although Google Translator does a good integration with your browser; With this DeepL application you can select a text with just one click, taking it to the application to proceed with its instant translation.

In addition to all the aforementioned, DeepL expands its functions by just paying a monthly fee , allowing you to find fewer restrictions than the free version and Google Translator. Among its benefits are the elimination of the character limit, it allows you to translate a greater number of files, you can choose between a formal or informal translation and in turn allows you to opt for an unlimited entry of glossaries.

It should be noted that in automatic translations there will always be important failures, due to the limitations of these systems; it is there, where human supervision is necessary so that the translation is of higher quality.

Seizure neural networks

DeepL has been based on advances in deep learning involving a diversity of exemplary neural networks such as seizures.

This application makes use of neural networks in order to translate in a similar way to the structure of a human brain .

It finds neurons connected to each other, where one of them perceives the stimulus and activates it; then DeepL when facing a phrase, automatically, this becomes the stimulus that activates the neuron

Thus, it allows this activation to flow through the entire neural network so that in the end, the output neurons convert these last activations into the translated phrase.

These networks are a process that involves billions of phrases with each language. Therefore, at the beginning the quality that is achieved could be low, but as that neural network is trained, the translations are better.

What is the suggested price of this translator?

There are different types of prices and plans. As for prices, you can find the Starte with an approximate price of 5.99 euros; the Advanced with an approximate price of 19.99 euros and Ultimate with an approximate price of 39.99 euros all per month, with annual billing.

These plans allow you to more comfortably and easily access all the functions that the Deelp Translator brings with it, allowing you to have encryption from one end to the other, so that the translations cannot be seen by third parties.

How to install DeepL on my devices?

Below we will explain in simple steps, how to download this ingenious application on the device that suits you best:


  • The first thing you should do is enter the DeepL website, click on the “download” buttonand on the next screen, click on the “start download” button.
  • When you download the program, you run it and follow the instructions for its installation; In case you don’t want to register, you can skip the login.
  • At the press “start translating”deepl for Windows will open with an interface similar performance to that of the website.
  • In case you select one of the words in the source text, DeepL will look it up in the dictionaryto obtain more information about it.


  • Enter the Deepl website, click on the “download” button and on the next screen, click on the “start download” button.
  • When you download the program, run it and follow the instructions for its installation; In case you don’t want to register, you can skip the login.
  • Clicking on “start translating” will open Deepl for Macos with an interface and operation similar to that of the website.


  • Start by searching for the app in your app store; In the particular case of Android, you can download the APK file to proceed with the installation of the application in case it cannot be found in the download store.
  • Once you find the application, click on the “install” button.
  • Next, and once downloaded, click on “open” and that’s it! Start using it without any complications.


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