What is the gyroscope on a mobile?

Many people have the latest technology in their hands and are fascinated by how much they can do with the sensors of their Android smartphone or mobile. You rarely wonder what some features on your device are for, but if you’ve already heard about the gyroscope and accelerometer read on.

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  1. What is the Gyroscope and Accelerometer for on a mobile phone?
  2. What is the gyroscope on a mobile?
  3.  How to use the gyroscope
    1. Where is the gyroscope located?
  4. Functions of a Gyroscope
    1. What is an Accelerometer?
  5. Functions of an Accelerometer
    1. What does the accelerometer measure?
  6. What are their differences?
  7. What phones have a gyroscope and accelerometer?
  8. How to tell if my phone has a gyroscope and accelerometer

What is the Gyroscope and Accelerometer for on a mobile phone?

We rarely investigate the internal systems of our electronic devices, but we have used its functions, for example measuring our calories when jogging . Possibly, it has not allowed us to use adequately or fully, the sensors that they have, so we will explain how both electronic sensors work.

However, so that you better understand its function, we will show you what a Gyroscope and Accelerometer consist of , what they are for and what makes them different. It is important to understand that without these sensors many of the applications you use daily would not work, and the latter depending on the Android model.

What is the gyroscope on a mobile?

It is a sensor that is included in mobile phones to calculate the movements that are executed with them, it is a function that can be found in the most recent devices and that allows to know at the moment the position in which it is as well as the movements what’s wrong with it.

 How to use the gyroscope

To be able to use the gyroscope on your Android phone or Tablet you have to enable it, as we already know there are different models of phones and for each one there is a different solution, however there is a way that works for most devices, then you must follow the following steps :

  1. You must go to the settings menu and then where it says my devices, for this you just have to click on the icon that has a gear inside.
  2. Locate the movements section depending on your model and the brand of your terminal, you may find one option or another. You must go down in the list of sections that there are, until you find one that says Movements and Gestures or it can also be Movements. When you finally find it, you must press it to enter its setting and move on.

Where is the gyroscope located?

The Gyroscope, unlike other sensors, is located on the motherboard of the mobile, hidden from view of the user.

Functions of a Gyroscope

These basic functions can be used after having the Gyroscope of your Smartphone or mobile device enabled or active. So that you take full advantage of your mobile device, they know what the Gyroscope is for, and that in the future they will probably be better every day.

  • Detect the speed of the focus of the mobile.
  • Allows you to Rotate the screen.
  • Helps the Accelerometer to save the direction of the turn.
  • If it is a photo, with this sensor you can apply filters to your photos, create super real effects.
  • Control movements during the process of a virtual reality game.
  • You can calculate the distance of a place in order to fit an object to that space, for example to want to locate a large object.
  • You can project on a real image, a simulated image, this is known as Augmented Reality.
  • Virtual reality games where we use helmets use this sensor which gives the impression that something is real.
  • It allows you to form a 360 ° projection, both for images and videos, and several applications have this option. It is worth checking if your device can use the 360 ​​° function for videos , before trying to use it, and do not cause yourself frustration.

What is an Accelerometer?

This small internal sensor in our device will capture in which direction it has been moved, either in a vertical or horizontal direction. As we have mentioned before, this sensor works in combination with the Gyroscope sensor , detecting the different acceleration movements.

Functions of an Accelerometer

Below we show you the functions or what an Accelerometer is for on your mobile , it is likely that you will be able to identify them because you have used them.

  • It measures accelerations of gravity weightand its changes.
  • Detect vibrations depending on the application you are using.
  • Calculate distances.
  • If you are in movement like running or jogging, it allows you to calculate the speed you are takingand even the calories you have used up.
  • You can measure mild to medium impact.
  • It usually makes the alarms work that we so badly need.
  • Access the screen unlock.
  • Access your music with just one touch.

What does the accelerometer measure?

The accelerometer measures the movement or vibrations   to which an object or specifically a part of it is subjected.

What are their differences?

Perhaps we could think that the Gyroscope and the Accelerometer are the same, but they are not different electronic components, but they work as a team.

  1. The gyroscope receives the rotation and the Accelerometer does not.
  2. The accelerometer does not have the electronic ability to differentiate where the movements come from.
  3. The Gyroscope can determine the orientation on a point.
  4. The accelerometer is linear, while the Gyroscope is angular

These sensors vary according to the Android device model, and as new versions come out they will include the Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors. When you use the applications that require Gyroscope and Accelerometer, you will think about what you read here and it will encourage you to know other sensors of your mobile.

What phones have a gyroscope and accelerometer?

Most Android phones, whether they are old models, have a gyroscope, Apple phones also have them, the only phones that we can say do not have a gyroscope are those with basic functions, for example those that were sold in the market in the decade of the 90.

And as for accelerometer not all phones have it, in Android only the newest have this sensor, for example the Samsung Galaxy note10, and the newest iPhones also have it.

How to tell if my phone has a gyroscope and accelerometer

To find out if your phone has a gyroscope, you just have to lower the notification bar and verify that the device gives us the option to activate the rotating screen function to check if it works, we must activate it and proceed to place our phone in a horizontal position.

If we observe that the screen transforms from vertical to horizontal, we can deduce that it does have the gyroscopic sensor and it works normally. We can also turn it from left to right and vice versa.

And in case you want to know if your phone has an accelerometer, you should only go to the sensors section in characteristics and the magnetometer or compass option should come out, and if this option does not come out, it is because you do not have one.


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