How does chemistry work in FIFA 23?

Every year, FIFA players look forward to a couple of changes that will add to their enjoyment of EA’s long-running franchise. And each year, some changes are made, although results may vary. One such change to this year’s game is within the chemistry system. For years, chemistry has been an important factor in creating your team’s ultimate squad. This year promises to be no different, but we are here. to explain how chemistry works in FIFA 23 .

FIFA 23 Chemistry Guide

The first thing players will notice about how chemistry works in FIFA 23 is that the links of the past, be they red, yellow or green, are no more. Instead, a points-based system has been introduced. Unfortunately, this has led to some early confusion, as well as difficulties with completing early game Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

So here’s the gist: It no longer matters where players are related to each other on the pitch or on your team. If your team has a striker and goalkeeper from the same team or league, for the sake of this example, let’s say Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris, that combination will give your club chemistry. Likewise, if you’re building a league-specific team, it’s possible for your team to reach full chemistry.

As you can see, this team is not yet complete. But of the eight players in it, they all represent the Premier League. Of those eight, four are English. You’ll notice the diamonds at the bottom left of each card; three diamonds represent the player’s full chemistry. If I were to add three more PL players to fill out this team at GK, LB, and RM, then my chemistry point total would increase from 24 to 33.

For a more detailed breakdown, here’s what players will need to keep in mind when creating their squads:

  • 2 players from the same nation, region or club: +1 chemistry point
  • 3 players from the same league: +1 chemistry point
  • 4 players from the same club: +2 chemistry points
  • 5 players from the same nation, region or league: +2 chemistry points
  • 7 players from the same club: +3 chemistry points
  • 8 players from the same nation, region or league: +3 chemistry points

That’s it, FIFA fans – everything you need to know about how Chemistry works in FIFA 23 . Does this change feel a bit unnecessary? Maybe. Will it become a long-term nuisance? That remains to be seen.

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