TOTW in FIFA 22;How does it work?

Team Of The Week is back in FIFA 22. Find out how this special player buying mechanic works and how its players differ from normal players.


  1. The TOTW: What is it and how does it work?
  2. When is there a new Team of the Week?

In the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 22 there are a lot of different cards from all kinds of players and every week some very special ones are available, known as the Team of the Week cards ; also called the Team of the Week or TOTW .

Throughout the one-year season there is always the option of acquiring players on the trading market or trying to get the best players in packs. However, a great option to get outstanding players is to be attentive each week to the TOTW .


The TOTW: What is it and how does it work?

The acronym “TOTW” refers to the Team of the Week, which is nothing more than the team of the week made up of the best footballers in the major leagues . These special “team of the week” cards are chosen by EA Sports itself on a weekly basis, as the name already indicates. The cards are selected according to the real-life performance of the players during the matches played in the last seven days or matchdays.

In other words, the cards chosen for the TOTW have nothing to do with the overall performance that the team members may have in the game, but are directly related to the matches played in real life.

Team of the Week works as follows:

  • The TOTW is made up of 11starting players , who have been the best of the week.
  • There are also 12 substituteplayers and reserves in each TOTW.
  • Players selected in the TOTW have boosted stats.
  • If you acquire the TOTW cards you will be able to benefit from the “extra improvement”that each player receives even when their presence within the TOTW ends.

When is there a new Team of the Week?

The Team of the Week are renewed every week , the date chosen for this is the following:

  • Every Wednesdaycalendar in Spanish territory renewal of the TOTW usually occurs around 19:00

Each week you will have until said day and time to get hold of the cards that are part of the TOTW template at that time. We recommend you take a look at the best methods to get coins quickly , so you can always buy these special cards if you want.

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