How does Amazon Flex pay?

When we talk about How does Amazon Flex pay? You must take into account the pros and cons of this platform, it is offered as an alternative for freelancers . For entrepreneurs who want extra work, Amazon Flex has arrived . An internet sales platform from mogul Jeff Bezos.

How Amazon Flex Pays – Find Out All About Your Payment Method

As of 2015, and given its high sales volume, the North American multinational positioned itself in the United States with the Amazon Flex platform. Basically what it gives you is that you go on to increase its delivery staff autonomously and in this way obtain an extra income . However, there is a whole debate regarding whether Amazon Flex is a transportation franchise or works directly for Amazon .

To join this kind of Uber from Amazon, what you need is to have a cell phone with the proper features, download the Amazon Flex application and know how exactly it works .

Once the application is installed you must register and select the region where you want to work, have a suitable vehicle and have your identity and driving papers in order. Read on and find out how Amazon Flex pays and discover the different payment methods!

What makes the Amazon Flex proposition attractive?

In a few words, what this delivery modality offers you is that you become your own boss , working for the largest internet commerce giant worldwide.

It looks simple and even comfortable, the proposal is that you work for two hours a day, in the time slot that you select and in the region that you have, which would allow you to alternate with other jobs Not bad!

Find out how Amazon Flex pays! Pays well?

Amazon Flex is designed for the worker to work in blocks of two hours . These begin to be counted from the moment the person arrives at the Amazon center to collect the volume of packages to be delivered and ends when the last package is delivered to its recipient.

The idea is that each delivery person has access to a daily delivery block, however this is not limiting and the worker could have the option of other daily delivery blocks.

Now, how does Amazon Flex pay? For each delivery block, Amazon offers you a payment that is similar for all service providers, regardless of the number of packages and their size.

In the case of Spain, for example, where the platform arrived in 2017 and it is expected that 2020 will be the year of its final consolidation, Amazon offers 28 euros for each delivery block.

Regarding the collection, the person receives the payment automatically which is deposited in a bank account that they have previously provided when registering. To round off your proposal and make it more attractive, Amazon offers that you can enter up to one thousand (1,000) euros a month, which would not be bad for an extra income.

Pros and cons

Twenty-eight euros of gross income for each delivery block looks at first glance like an extra attractive entry for any pocket, especially if you have another or other pre-established jobs.

However, those 28 euros do not include the payment for fuel that, depending on the sector where you provide the service, affects to a greater or lesser extent.

There is also the case of those packages returned when the recipient cannot be reached or is not at home. As well as equipment and package containers that must be returned to the Amazon collection center, these represent expenses in fuel as well as time.

In addition, other expenses associated with the use of your own vehicle should be taken into account, such as maintenance and taxes, which make what at first glance looked attractive to a second glance no longer so.

It is for these reasons that Amazon Flex carries accusations of precarious work, by organizations and associations related to the defense of workers.

Anyway, when you ask yourself, How does Amazon Flex pay? An interesting range of alternatives opens up for you that you must calculate very well, lest in the end you let yourself be dazzled by simple siren lullabies.


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