How to pay on Amazon with a bank account

Did you know that you can pay with your bank account on Amazon ? It is an alternative payment method to cards and that is convenient for buyers who do not have the option of paying by card, then we will tell you and how you can do it from your account.

Currently, the payment methods accepted by Amazon are credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Euro6000, American Express, etc.) and also by bank account, although PayPal or other methods such as promissory notes, cash payments are not accepted. , cash on delivery and even financing in 4 installments .

Nowadays, the person who does not have at least one credit or debit card is rare, but if you do not have that possibility and want to buy on Amazon , you can use the bank payment option, for which you will need to have the data of your bank account.

First of all, in order for the bank account to appear as a payment method on Amazon, you will have to configure it beforehand before paying for an order. This is what you should do:

  • Open the Amazon website and log in with your data, once you have logged in, hover the mouse cursor above where it says “Account and lists”, right where your name appears and click on “my account” .
  • Now access “your payments” .
  • Without leaving the “Amazon wallet” tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “add bank account” .
  • Now all you have to do is fill in the data that Amazon asks for , in this case you have to put the BIC or Swift code, the IBAN and the name of the holder to whom the SEPA bank account is (you can only pay in euros) . Check that the data entered is correct and click on the yellow button “add bank account”.

Make the purchase and pay with the bank account

We have already configured the bank account as a payment method in our bank account, now it is time to make a purchase on Amazon and process the order to pay with this method. These would be the following steps:

  • Once you have the products to buy, enter the Amazon basket at the top, it is shaped like a car.
  • Next, click on “process order” .
  • Now is the time to select the payment method with which you are going to pay for the Amazon purchase, it is point number 2, you have to click on “change”.
  • Once you click, choose the bank account method and finally click on “use this payment method” .

And voila, you just need to finish the purchase process to pay for the order. You must know several things, this method is accepted for Amazon Spain and for other countries, but not for others. Another detail is that you will not see the bank note in your account until the products are shipped, that is, even if you buy now, the money will not be subtracted, but later.

Another important aspect that you should know is that not all the products that are in Amazon admit payment with a bank account , in any case you should always have as an additional method a previously configured card in case it does not help you to pay through the bank account.

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