How do you save pages on my PC?

How to save pages on my PC? On several occasions it happens that we want to save a certain address of a web page on our computer, to have direct access to it whenever we want without having to use the search engine again to locate it.

In the event that this page contains certain information of interest to us, the alternative of saving it can be used to review it or access it without the need for an internet connection. This ensures that we can keep the information that interests us without it being modified or deleted by the creators of the page.

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  • 1 From computers
    • 1 Each browser has its access
    • 2 Identify the page
  • 2 Saving the page address

From computers

To save a web page from the computer we will do it as follows:

Enter the website of your interest.

Click on the option to “save page as”. You can do it by pressing the command: Ctrl + S, or in its default Cmd + S.

Each browser has its access

Each of the different browsers have their access to the alternative of saving pages:

For Chrome, it is to press on the browser menu, the icon of the three horizontal bars, locate and select the option to “save page as”.

For Internet Explorer it is by pressing on the menu icon, that is, the gear. Once the options are displayed, click on “file”, then on “save as”. In case you can’t find the gear icon, press Alt, this will give you access to the menu.

For Firefox it is by pressing in the browser menu, the icon with the three horizontal bars, choosing the option to “save page”.

For Safari, it is by clicking on the menu, selecting the “file” option and then clicking on “save as”.

Identify the page

Once the above process has been carried out, you must select an identifying name for the page.

Having selected the identification name, you will proceed to select the location of the page to save, it is recommended that you have a specific folder for this.

The complete page will be archived in HTML format , at the moment of archiving the complete page you will have access to all the information on it, including the images it contains, without the need for an internet connection. Which ensures that the information will not change.

Saving the page address

In the event that what you want is to have direct access to the page in question, to know the updates or modifications, if you must have an internet connection to access it and you must do it as follows, depending on the browser you use:

For Internet Explorer , select the alternative “file”, click on it and click on save.

For Chrome , what you should do is press the left mouse button on the taskbar, click on the star icon and this will give you the option to add it as a reading list or add it to bookmarks, if you select the second Alternatively the page will appear at the bottom of the search bar as a shortcut.

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