How do I unlock my Windows?

How do I unlock my Windows? Most computer users in which more than one person usually enters, usually have several registered users , so that in this way each of them can have access to personal or particular work information without the need for others to access it. . Which guarantees them a certain level of privacy.

Access to these users is usually backed by a private personal password , which they must enter in order to enter their user, this usually does not represent a major problem, but it may happen that for some reason the password does not allow access to a certain user and access is blocked, in this case we will show you how to unblock the system.

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    • 1 With the system tools
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Information of interest

The first thing you should know is that the block usually lasts about half an hour, after this time you can try to enter again. In the event that you cannot do it, it is recommended that one of the team administrators carry out the unlocking operations.

This team administrator will have to carry out a number of configurations in the team to be able to enter it and make the changes that are pertinent in the blocked user.

With the system tools

One of the alternatives we have, if we forget the password or do not know it , is to enter the system of our computer from the Windows account, this can be done from another device with an internet connection, the steps are as follows:

The first thing is to enter the official Windows page , you must follow the system instructions step by step.

We will have to enter using the username and password of the Microsoft account.

Through the system prompts we will change the password, which will allow us to access the blocked user.

When you are an administrator

In the event that you are registered as the team administrator, you can log in to the other accounts and unlock them using these privileges.

To make the deposit, you must log in with the account with the corresponding permissions for the computer.

Enter the user management tool, for this we will write the command lusrmgr.msc. in the Windows search engine.

This will display a pop-up window that contains all the information of the computer , we will select the blocked user, we will click on it.

This will display the user’s information , in this case we must select the box that corresponds to the blocking of the account, uncheck it.

We log in again with the blocked user and the corresponding access code.

Another alternative

As in the previous case , administrator privileges are necessary .

The execution of a CMD window is carried out, for this we will write the cmd command in the Windows search engine.

We will select the alternative of entering as administrator.

Once we enter we will have to execute the command using the name of the blocked user, using quotation marks and you must respect the uppercase and lowercase letters that the name has,

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