How do I delete the credit card information on my Nintendo Switch account

When creating an account on the Nintendo Switch,  entering a credit card is very easy, since it is one of the first steps you have to do to be able to buy something in the store, however, deleting the data you had placed is not so simple, and that is why today you will see How to delete credit card information on the Nintendo Switch?

And, although this is one of the best consoles in the world, due to the great functions and games it has (there are functions that even let you create a family group on the Nintendo Switch to share games), not everything related to it is very clear, so these types of guides are necessary.

How to erase credit card information from Nintendo Switch?

Now, going straight to today’s point, so that you can erase the credit card information on your Nintendo, you have to know that there are two ways in which you can achieve this, one within the same console and another on the site. Nintendo website.

For the purposes of this tutorial, you will first be shown how to carry out this process on the console, and what you have to do is the following: turn on your Nintendo and go to the “Nintendo eShop” section located on the home page.

Then select the account that is associated with the data you want to delete forever, then press the icon of your account (it is at the top in the right corner), this action will allow you to access the account information menu.

In that section there will be an option called “Credit card information” , press it and right after choose the button called “Delete”, if everything went well, you should skip a confirmation window where you also have to press “Delete” , to confirm that you want the change to be made.

With that everything will be finished, and the card information will be out of the Nintendo system. In that same section you can add a new card if you wish, as long as it is one of those allowed by Mario’s company.

It should be noted that the deletion of data can only be done in adult accounts, in children’s accounts you are not allowed to delete the card data , because the administrator is supposed to be the adult account.

How to delete the card data through the website?

With everything you read it should be more than clear how to erase the credit card information of a Nintendo using the same console, however, as mentioned, this process can also be done through the website.

What you have to do to achieve this is first go to the official Nintendo website and log into it with the account you want to make the changes to. Once inside, choose the option called “Store Menu”.

In this section, the expiration data of your card will appear, as well as the last four digits of it, and in turn there will be a button called “Delete”, press it and then press it again when you are asked for a confirmation.

If everything went well, the data will be deleted immediately and you can enter another card if you wish. And voila, with that you know how to erase your credit card information from the Nintendo Switch, so you can go and try either of the two processes .

But before you go, it is recommended that you not only stick with this information, as there are many more things that you probably do not know about Nintendo, so you should look: How to activate the two-step security verification? , to improve the defenses of your console.

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