How Deliveroo works for home deliveries

How Deliveroo works for home deliveries . From restaurant selection to food selection, here’s how food delivery simplifies the experience of ordering, tracking deliveries and ensuring reliable service.

If you have a hectic life, you will know very well how difficult it is to organize the preparation of lunch or dinner. When you are too busy at work or in daily activities it is not easy to find time to prepare food, ending up eating unhealthy foods.

Fortunately, there are several services that allow you to benefit from home deliveries , including food; one above all is Deliveroo . Today we’ll look at how Deliveroo works and how you can make the most of their Standard and Plus service .

How Deliveroo works

The well-known British company founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski is a service that aims to deliver food to your home after online booking , very similar to Glovo . For a few years, Deliveroo has also been available in Italy and thanks to an ever-wider collaboration with local restaurants it allows fast delivery directly to your home . We can, therefore, define Deliveroo as a local food delivery service that relies on local restaurants to prepare dishes for users.

The operation is very simple: by downloading the official Deliveroo application or using their online page, you can make a reservation in which you decide which dishes to savor, and thanks to a rider in a few minutes you will receive what you ordered directly at home. Once you have finished booking your order, the application will send you a notification when the dish is almost ready , allowing you to optimize your time during the day. Delivery can take place wherever you want, always within the limits of your city.

How to order on Deliveroo

Let’s try to concretely understand how to order on this platform both from a desktop computer and from a smartphone.

Android and iOS

If you use your smartphone every day and are in a hurry, the ideal solution for ordering on Deliveroo is certainly the application of the same name. The Deliveroo app allows you not only to order , but also to quickly monitor the preparation of the chosen dish. First of all you must download the application from the Play Store or App Store , install it and launch it.

At this point a page will open where you will have to allow the app to access the location of the device and then tap on Confirm position it on the map. Now you still can’t order if you don’t log in, which inevitably pushes you to register with Deliveroo. To sign up, tap on the transparent little man icon at the top right and select Log in to Google or Log in to Facebook if you want quick access; otherwise scroll down and select Sign in with your email . In the latter case you will have to enter your personal data and choose a password.

From this moment on you are officially inside the application and you will be asked to enter your telephone number to communicate the delivery status. Deliveroo will send a verification code to associate the number with your profile.

Now you can choose from the available categories: Home , Restaurants , Shopping and Offers ; or tap directly on Edenred , Breakfast , Healthy , Supermarkets and many other subcategories. By scrolling down the page you can take a look at the featured restaurants and dishes for delivery in your area.

Select the desired restaurant or dish , choosing from those on the Homepage or using the search bar and clicking on it. Scroll down and add all the products you plan to consume. Tap on the (+) button and the desired food will be added to the cart. At this point, press on the View cart item and choose whether to add the cutlery, as well as the premium or standard delivery option. Finish the order by tapping on Go to checkout , where you will have to pay for the service.


If you prefer the computer, you can use the official website , which allows you to carry out the same operations as the App. Also in this case you can register with a new email or by logging in with your Facebook and Google accounts . The order process is identical to the one explained in the application, simply with a different interface.

In addition to ordering with card payment, you can also take advantage of Edenred Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers , made available by Deliveroo partner restaurants. In this case, however, the service is dedicated to company employees who can benefit from meal vouchers thanks to the collaboration between their company and affiliated restaurants. Usually the employee can take advantage of 20 meal vouchers per month, one per day, in order to receive food directly at work.

Specifically, each user can use the vouchers to buy drinks and food , but it must be underlined that delivery costs are excluded . For further information on this service, contact Partner Hub support via the Help section .

How deliveries work

Once the order is completed, Deliveroo will have the task of communicating it to the relevant restaurant and making the delivery in an average time of 32 minutes . The riders chosen vary from city to city, so you may experience less time in a certain area than in another. Although Deliveroo can deliver even many kilometers away, the company implements a policy that aims at the quality of the service , therefore, it prefers to deliver to the closest areas possible .

The rider will pick up the food from the restaurant selected in the application and deliver it to the user, taking into account the cash payment if you have chosen this option. Thanks to the application you can also monitor the delivery status and when the hot food is almost ready.

If you have particular allergies and would like further details on a specific dish or product listed on the restaurant or supermarket page, please consult the ” Information ” section. For more details, you can contact the restaurant or supermarket directly.

It is possible to program orders up to one day in advance and choose the delivery time you prefer from those available. Always remember that delivery costs vary based on the distance from your partner.

A valid alternative to delivery is the Pick-up option . You can go and collect an order yourself from the restaurant or supermarket that offers the Deliveroo service. To do this, go to the app and find out which restaurants and supermarkets in your area collaborate with Deliveroo.

How payment works with Deliveroo

When you select Go to cart you can also choose the payment method. Deliveroo allows you to pay for orders with: credit card , debit card , gift card , PayPal and vouchers . You can manually enter your card details or rely on Ali Pay , a payment platform launched by Alibaba Group to connect the Chinese market with the European one.

An alternative but equally effective solution is cash payment . Not all restaurants and riders accept this payment method, so when you place your order, make sure that cash is specified in the payment on delivery methods.

The only precaution is the cash limit that you can entrust to the rider, in fact, orders with cash on delivery totaling more than 50 euros are not accepted on Deliveroo .

How to order on Deliveroo with meal vouchers

To order on Deliveroo using Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers , make sure you have activated your cloud account and have meal vouchers available. If you encounter problems, it may be due to temporary unavailability of the service or the fact that only some restaurants accept meal vouchers . You can resolve these issues by trying later, using a different payment method or checking the list of restaurants enabled on the platform . You can link your Edenred account to Deliveroo during your first order. Ticket Restaurant electronic meal vouchers are accepted by an ever-expanding selection of restaurants. You can order food and drinks, excluding delivery and service charges. The legislation allows the use of a maximum of 8 meal vouchers per transaction , and the voucher can cover amounts equal to or greater than its value.

How Deliveroo Plus works

Among the optional services of this platform is Deliveroo Plus , which allows you to avoid paying delivery costs by paying a monthly subscription fee . Just like Amazon Prime you will be able to obtain various advantages, not only on the cost of deliveries. Your first registration allows you to try Deliveroo Plus for free for a limited period .

The available plans are: Deliveroo Plus Gold and Deliveroo Plus Silver . The cost of the first is 5.99 euros per month , with which you can benefit from zero shipping costs on all orders; the price of the second is 2.99 euros per month , but delivery costs are eliminated only on orders over 25 euros .

If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription you can activate Deliveroo Plus for one year at no additional cost . However, consider that delivery costs are not applied to orders over 25 euros, just like the Deliveroo Silver plan . Find more information on this page .

Remember that with Deliveroo Plus there are no limits on orders, but the service must be used by a single person . Account sharing is prohibited and may result in action. You can switch from Deliveroo Plus Gold or Silver to another plan by changing your membership in the “ My Account ” section. Cancellation can be made through the ” Account ” section or by contacting Customer Service , but refunds are not permitted after 14 days from the first registration.

How Deliveroo works for restaurants

However, if you have a restaurant and want to use Deliveroo to offer your products to customers, you will be wondering how Deliveroo works for restaurants , right? All you have to do is become a Restaurant business partner . In order to become a partner you will need to consult Deliveroo via the Help section or click on Restaurants.Deliveroo and create an account dedicated to restaurateurs.

How to become a Deliveroo Rider

As with Glovo with its Glovers, Deliveroo also offers work to Riders by registering on the Rider Deliveroo Italia platform . All you need is:

  • Bicycle, scooter or car (with license and insurance)
  • Smartphone with iOS 14.0, Android 8.0 or later operating system
  • Permission to work in Italy as a self-employed worker
  • At least 18 years old.

By connecting to the Delieroo Rider app , for Android and iOS , you can decide when and whether to make deliveries by receiving continuous proposals. The rates are competitive and the possibility of receiving tips will allow you to increase your earnings. Evening or weekend deliveries amplify earnings.

Rider Support provides assistance , safety training and a delivery kit , including free insurance coverage . Payments are regular and monthly. The free Rider Kit (jacket, thermal backpack, etc.), suitable for all weather conditions, offers visibility. Through the app you can select the proposals, collect the order from the restaurant following the recommended route and deliver it to the customer.

How to contact Deliveroo

Deliveroo customer service is dedicated to carefully following every aspect of your experience, from order to delivery. If unexpected events occur, the app offers an assistance function to communicate directly with customer service via chat or by writing an email to [email protected] .

For any errors in the order, contact support and they will do everything possible to add the missing dishes. In the event of any unexpected delays, the team will try to communicate with you promptly and will endeavor to deliver your order as soon as possible.

Cancellation of an order without charge is possible before the restaurant begins preparation. After the start of preparation, the entire amount, including the delivery cost, will be charged. Cancellation requests must be made via the app .

Deliveroo or its partner may cancel an order at any time, and in the event of cancellation , you will be refunded via the same payment method or with a Deliveroo credit . For problems with the items, the responsibility lies with the partner, but Deliveroo Hop handles any complaints about Hop products.

For item returns , the responsibility falls on the partner, and you must contact them directly to find out the methods. If you are not available at the time of delivery, it is advisable to contact customer service through the app to avoid charges in case of non-delivery.

To communicate with the platform, you can send an email to the address indicated above or write on the social networks Facebook , X and Instagram by searching for ” Deliveroo “. If you prefer to speak directly with support, then you can connect to the Contact Us page or call the telephone number directly: 02 30578330 .

Differences between Glovo, Deliveroo and Just Eat

Differences between Glovo, Deliveroo and Just Eat

Glovo, Deliveroo and Just Eat are home delivery platforms for food and other goods, but they have some differences between them which mainly concern the type of delivery, availability and business model.

Type of delivery

  • Glovo offers delivery services not only for food from restaurants, but also for other products, such as groceries, medicines, household items and more.
  • Deliveroo : is mainly focused on delivering food from restaurants.
  • Just Eat: is an online ordering platform that connects customers directly to restaurants. In some countries it also offers delivery services.

Range of Restaurants

  • Glovo : Can cover a wide range of restaurants, including those that don’t have in-house delivery services.
  • Deliveroo : works mainly with restaurants that do not offer delivery services and focuses on quality catering.
  • Just Eat : Connects customers to a large network of restaurants for online ordering and, in some cases, delivery.

Rider type

  • Glovo : uses a network of “ glovers ” to deliver various types of goods.
  • Deliveroo : uses “ riders ” who specialize in delivering food from restaurants.
  • Just Eat : It is primarily an online ordering platform, but does not offer delivery.

Geographical Presence

  • Glovo : Has a presence in a wider variety of cities and towns.
  • Deliveroo : has a more targeted presence in major cities.
  • Just Eat : Has a significant presence in many countries, with a large network of affiliated restaurants.

Business model

  • Glovo : The company’s business model is based on the delivery of various product categories.
  • Deliveroo : Mainly focuses on food delivery and may also offer premium services.
  • Just Eat : in recent years it has also offered a delivery service in some countries.
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