How can I take notes in Google Chrome when browsing the Internet

Internet has become one of the quintessential places to search for all kinds of information. Sometimes we need a tool to help us take notes of what we have found. With this in mind, you can now take notes in Google Chrome while browsing.

You will be able to take note of contact details, an important link, a specific point in some text, organize the tasks that we are going to carry out, among other things, they will need where to register. Some will prefer to memorize them, but this is not recommended.

The best thing then will be to go about insurance, as well as use the appropriate help so that when we are browsing in Google Chrome we can take notes of the information. That way we will avoid forgetting things that we will need later on . There are ways to copy those notes and since we know this is something important, we will tell you what you can do next.

Note-taking apps and extensions in Google Chrome

There are several extensions, which you can easily install on Google Chrome . These make our walk on the web more comfortable. Here is a brief information about the ones used to take notes:

Sticky notes

Sticky notes, it is one of the most popular extensions, it is very useful;   She has been helping us to take notes while we surf for many years and she does it very easily. From its official website we can add the extension to the Google Chrome browser . We will see an icon in the toolbar that when we hover over it and click it will open a sheet to write what we want.

In addition, we can customize it since it offers us the option to choose the type of letters that we will use, their size, and change the background color of the sheet. Also, we will transfer the notes as TXT text or put it in a separate window. It is a quite versatile tool to take notes while we surf the internet in our Google Chrome browser.

Tab notes to take notes in Google Chrome

Tab notes, is an extension that we can acquire for free by going to the Chrome Web Store to add it to our browser. We will have notes in each tab that we have open, keeping it at hand so that we do not forget or write down important things.

It allows us to save more than one note and make use of them quickly. It is not necessary to have permissions or accounts and it is a tool that offers us privacy.

From anywhere in the Google Chrome browser we can manage and open our notes. It has an automatic save that is activated while we are writing about it. The option it offers to switch to “dark mode” guarantees that it is a useful and attentive extension to satisfy the needs of its users.

Google Keep for Chrome

When we go to the Chrome Web Store we find Google Keep, a complement to create and save audio or text notes when browsing the internet, with just one click. Among the functions offered by this extension is to save text, page links, images. On the saved contents, create notes, add labels on them, everything being saved automatically in Google Keep.

It has the excellent option of being able to synchronize what we have saved with other platforms that we use, either on the web, on iOS, Android or Wear.

Other useful add-ons for taking notes in Google Chrome

OneNote Web Clipper, is an extension proposed by Microsoft itself, it is an add-on for the Google Chrome browser, with which we have the ability to do various tasks. Store, synchronize and share all kinds of notes we have.

In addition to documents in PDF format , images, videos or any other important information that we want to have on hand to consult.

We also have Evernote Web Clipper, OneNote Web Clipper, Papier, Notty Notes and other plugins that will do a good job when we want to take notes.

By using any of these applications or extensions you can take notes in Google Chrome when browsing the internet. They will surely be of great use to you and will manage to better organize any task you do on the web. Share this information. We would also like to know your comment on what you have read in this post


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